New Denon DCD-1700NE to Upgrade Your CD Player Experience

Denon DCD-1700NE

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Looking to upgrade your CD player? Want something that will offer you high-resolution audio playback without any compromise? 

New Release
Denon DCD-1700NE

With Denon’s Advanced AL32 Processing Plus algorithm and ultra-precision 192kHz/32bit D/A converter, the Denon DCD-1700NE Player supports high-res audio files up to 192kHz/24bits recorded on DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs

The Denon DCD-1700NE is what you have been looking for all this time! It is one of the latest releases from Denon, and it promises a “beautifully faithful” playback!

The thing is, the market did not see that much of good CD players recently. However, that did not stop the disc-spinning fans from looking for more. 

Denon DCD-1700NE
Source: Denon

Well, Denon answered! And yes, in case you are not one of the disc-spinning fans, CDs are making a comeback!

Take a look at the report of the Recording Industry Association of America. It states that last year, the shipments of discs saw a rise for the first time in 17 years. 

That makes 2021 the first year since 2004 to witness a huge growth in demand. And Denon announcing a full-fat CD player for the crowd is going to fuel that demand even further.

Denon DCD-1700NE
Source: Denon

Nonetheless, the Denon DCD-1700NE is just for CDs. The player can handle anything that is from CDs and SACDs. You can even use DVD+R/RWs and DVD-R/RWs in it.

Now, when it comes to hi-res support, the Denon DCD-1700NE can handle playback of up to 5.6MHz DSD and 192kHz/24-bit PCM

And for connectivity, you have coaxial and optical inputs along with one fixed line-level RCA output. But how does the DCD-1700NE perform? 

Denon DCD-1700NE
Source: Denon

According to Denon, the CD player comes with a proprietary S.V.H class disc drive and an Advanced AL32 Processing Plus. And thanks to these two, the DCD-1700NE can manage to offer pristine and faithful playback.

That’s not all; Denon also said that the Denon DCD-1700NE would offer optimal accuracy. It is said to come with the ability to restore the information that was lost during the original digital recording.

Additionally, the Denon DCD-1700NE boasts carefully selected internal components. They are tuned and evaluated by Denon, and all aim to offer distinctive sound

Denon DCD-1700NE
Source: Denon

Denon also designed the parts to minimize vibration. And the design of the chassis will reduce any of the adverse audio effects that the powerful and heavy components can output.

In other words, the Denon DCD-1700NE will not fail to offer you the maximum audio quality. And it goes without saying that the CD/SACD player is the full package. As a CD or disc fan, you will not feel like asking for more after getting it. 

That said, the Denon is not the only one that will bring out a new CD Player in 2023. JBL has also announced the CD350 Classic CD player, which can be a rival to the DCD-1700NE.

Denon DCD-1700NE CD/SACD Player, Ultra-Precision 192 kHz/32 Bit D/A Converter, Vibration-Resistant Design, Supports DSD, FLAC, and WAV Files, Pure Direct Mode, 2 Digital Audio Outputs, Silver
Denon DCD-1700NE

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