UB+ dB1 Doublebass: Experience Music in a Whole New Way!

UB+ dB1 Doublebass

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The market is full of Bluetooth speakers, yet you will hardly find something that takes innovative features to the max. 

And if you were looking for a portable speaker such as that, you will be happy to know about UB+ dB1 Doublebass.

At its core, the dB1 Doublebass is a high-end Bluetooth speaker that takes the specs sheet to the next level. 

UB+ dB1 Doublebass
Source: UB+

You have Bluetooth 5.3, app controls, high-fidelity sound, and a waterproof body. However, the internal specs are not the only thing that UB+ has going for.

The UB+ dB1 Doublebass comes with 5.2-inch passive radiators. And the great part about these passive radiators is that they are three times larger than traditional portable speaker drivers. 

But that is not even the most interesting part about the radiators. When you fire the speaker up, you will see the passive radiators pulsate along with the music. 

UB+ dB1 Doublebass
Source: UB+

This effect is not only there to make the UB+ dB1 Doublebass look cool. Instead, the symmetrical oscillations are there for the increased pressure within the speaker.

As the name suggests, the UB+ dB1 Doublebass doubles the bass you would generally find in regular Bluetooth speakers. 

However, it’s not like you will feel and hear a more pronounced bass; the bass clarity is exceptionally high too.

Additionally, as the passive radiators’ movements work in unison, they do a proper job of reducing microphonic effects that can cause audio distortion and unwanted noise. 

UB+ dB1 Doublebass
Source: UB+

That will give you a much more solid and cleaner sound. Along with the bass of the device, you will be blown away by the eye-catching design of the UB+ dB1 Doublebass. 

It boasts an elegant spherical design, and it looks like something that is out of this planet. In fact, the design is so great that it can double as a showpiece for your home.

Again, the design of the UB+ dB1 Doublebass is not purely for aesthetic purposes. UB+ chose it for functional reasons too. 

By taking a closer look, you will notice that the shape is perfectly symmetrical from every angle. All the points are equal in terms of dimension from the center.

UB+ dB1 Doublebass
Source: UB+

Such a design allows the speaker to amplify sound across a broad spectrum of the soundscape. But that is not all; the unique design ensures that the sound is perfectly balanced and has no distortion.

Furthermore, there is a 35mm silk dome tweeter and a 90mm customized woofer inside the UB+ dB1 Doublebass. These two offer an ultra-wide frequency range and will let you make your favorite music come to life. 

And the great part is that you can even connect this amazing speaker to up to eight devices simultaneously, all thanks to Bluetooth 5.3.

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