New Nothing Ear TWS Leaked: What You Need to Know About this Recent Leak?

Nothing Ear

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After leaving OnePlus, Carl Pei founded his own venture with the Nothing brand. And the first product from the company was the Nothing Ear (1), which had a pretty great hype around it.

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Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds

Ultra light at 4.7g, Powerful 11.6mm speaker driver, Sound by Teenage Engineering, Active Noise Cancellation, Up to 34 hours of listening

In fact, Nothing still has hype around the brand as they recently unveiled their first phone, the Nothing Phone (1). But, it seems like new TWS (True Wireless Stereo) buds will come out with the hyped phone.

However, the new TWS is not Nothing Ear (2). Instead, it will be a refreshed version of Nothing Ear (1), at least according to the leaks. So, what about the naming? Will it still be called Northing Ear (1)? According to Mukul Sharma, the leaker, the new TWS will be called Nothing Ear (1) Stick.

Nothing Ear
Source: Nothing Technology

The leaked picture showed the fans all about the design of the new earbuds. And the sad news is that it looks pretty much the same as the Nothing Ear (1). In other words, the new TWS from Nothing will still have a transparent design, just like the originals.

However, there is two noticeable difference. The new TWS seems to have two dots on the bottom. And while the originals had “Nothing Ear (1)” branding on the stem, the new ones will have “Ear (1) Stick.”

Now, Nothing Ear (1) already has an improved version out there. The revised version, otherwise known as the Black Edition, debuted earlier this year. 

Nothing Ear
Source: Nothing Technology

And Nothing addressed a lot of the things that the original version lacked in the refreshed version. That is why the new version got a lot of praise from reviewers.

That said, there is a clear difference in the case of the new earbuds. While the originals came with a square-looking box case, the Ear (1) Stick will come with a chewing gum pack-sized case. 

At first glance, the new case design does seem promising when it comes to being pocket-friendly. And considering that many users complained about the shape of the case for the originals, this new design is undoubtedly an improvement.

On that note, the image did leave some room for speculations. Commentators are wondering whether the Ear (1) Stick will come with silicone tips or not.

Nothing Ear
Source: Nothing Technology

And if Nothing did ditch the silicone tips, the Nothing Ear (1) Stick is following the footsteps of Apple, which is the Airpods 3rd Gen.

But the thing is, without the silicone tips, noise cancellation will be out of the equation. However, if the new TWS from Nothing does not come with noise cancellation, it will surely reside in the affordable price segment

And as the brand is still offering Nothing Ear (1), people who can not compromise on the noise cancellation department can still opt for that.

Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds
Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds

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