Shokz OpenFit: Brings Air Conduction Tech for Open-Ear TWS Design

Shokz OpenFit

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The Shokz OpenFit is the latest addition to the lineup of Shokz. But it is unlike any other wireless earbuds you might find in the market. 

New Release

OpenFit continues the Shokz open-ear concept with a compact earbud design

Instead, it has something special, which is the patented open-ear technology. However, that’s just one of the special technologies you will find in OpenFit.

In addition, the OpenFit boasts air conduction technology. So, what special features do these technologies bring? 

Shokz OpenFit
Source: Shokz

You don’t have to position the earbuds in the air. Rather, Shokz has designed them to be worn around the ear, which leaves your ear open.

This naturally allows the wearers to be more aware of their surroundings. However, the open-ear nature of the buds does not have an impact on the sound quality. The audio the buds can offer is top-notch, and you will be amazed at the details they offer.

These buds come with customized dynamic drivers. Alongside that, you have DirectPitch technology. Combined, these drivers can produce a full audio experience. 

Shokz OpenFit
Source: Shokz

Also, there’s Shokz OpenBass, which is a proprietary low-frequency enhancing algorithm. That improves the overall bass performance.

Of course, there’s no noise-cancellation feature, as the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds do not have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). But the fact that they allow you to be aware of the environment will let you commute with complete safety in mind.

Shokz OpenFit also excels in terms of fit. The buds employ a Dolphin Arc Ear Hook design. This design adapts to the natural shape of your ear, letting you get a comfortable fit. 

Shokz OpenFit
Source: Shokz

There’s a 0.7mm ultra-fine memory wire, which enhances the ergonomics even further. Most importantly, the buds are just 8.3 grams in weight. So, you can wear them all day without facing any comfort issues. 

Shokz also considered the fact that not every ear is of the same shape. To mitigate this issue, the brand has engineered the buds with dual-layered liquid silicon.

This liquid silicon offers a pliable fit, which makes sure that the earbuds stay in place even when you are on the move. 

Shokz OpenFit
Source: Shokz

The call quality of the Shokz OpenFit is impressive too. These buds utilize AI Call Noise Cancellation technology to ensure the microphones focus directly on your voice.

According to Shokz, this AI Call Noise Cancellation technology can filter up to 99.7% of ambient noise. That means it really does not matter whether you are in a station or on the road. You are sure to get a high-quality calling experience.

Regarding battery life, the Shokz OpenFit can deliver up to 28 hours of playtime. There’s a quick charging mechanism present too. Other features included Bluetooth 5.2, IP54 rating, and personalized audio through the Shokz app.

SHOKZ OpenFit - Open-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone, Earbuds with Earhooks, Sweat Resistant, Fast Charging, 28HRS Playtime, Compatible with iPhone & Android

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