New Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation Puts Privacy First

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation

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If you are one of the homeowners who prioritize security and privacy at the same level, you need to check out the Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation. 

Basically, with the 2nd generation product, Ring brought out a never before seen feature. It introduces shutter control over the camera.

The indoor camera has a physical shutter that you can close and open according to your preference. 

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation
Source: Ring

Before this, you would either need to get a Privacy Kit or use the official Ring camera app to shut off the video feed of the security cam. 

However, that would only let you cut off the video. The microphone would still stay on. But with the new Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation, you can also shut off the audio feed. 

In addition, Ring offers you the option to remove the feature if you want constant surveillance and do not care much about the physical shutter.

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation
Source: Ring

However, that is not the only feature new to the 2nd generation product. It also comes with a flexible swivel mount. 

That will enable you to install the cam on a ceiling or wall beam and get a bird’s eye view. This is a welcoming change Ring made the Home Mode behind a paywall back in March. 

It was a nifty free feature that let the users disable in-house devices so that they could walk around in the house without turning off the whole house.

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation
Source: Ring

So, with the physical Privacy Shutter, Ring is basically fixing its mistakes and giving the customers more flexibility. 

However, that’s all there is to it regarding the ring indoor cam security camera. All the other things about the new security camera are the same as the 1st generation product.

That means the Ring Indoor Cam can record in a 1080p resolution and comes with color night vision. In addition, you will find motion capture, a built-in siren, and a two-way talking feature. Moreover, you can link devices to the Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation. 

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation
Source: Ring

After the integration, you can hear custom notifications from Echo Dot, for example. It will also enable you to enjoy hands-free monitoring with Alexa-enabled devices.

Although not official other reports claim that the newly released camera has an SOS for Camera feature; however, if you want to enjoy it, you must get the Ring Protect Pro subscription. 

This feature adds a panic button to the Ring app, allowing you to request emergency services at your location.

That said, if you are looking forward to the Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Gen, it will start shipping on May 24. Currently, it is available for pre-order.

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