Experience PMC Fact Fenestria and Twenty5i at the Martins HiFi Event!

PMC Fact Fenestria Martins HiFi Event

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PMC is just about to showcase two of the much-awaited HiFi devices at the Martins HiFi event in Norwich. The Fact Fenestria and Twenty5i are ready for you to experience in February! 

And if you are lucky enough to head to the event, you will even have a chance to hear the flagship Fact Fenestria loudspeakers first-hand.

According to Elizabeth and the team at Martins, the exclusive Martins HiFi event is all set to be held on the 10th and 11th of February. 

PMC Fact Fenestria Martins HiFi Event
Fact Fenestria; Source: PMC Speakers

And the team is more than excited to invite you to the show and witness the unveiling of the flagship HiFi devices. Want to know what all the fuss is about? 

Let’s take a quick look at the PMC Fact Fenestra. The highlight of the HiFi loudspeaker is the state-of-the-art high-fidelity audio technology that it integrates. 

It is basically a speaker where advanced engineering and elegant design come together. The brand even went ahead and stated that the Fact Fenestra would not fail to offer you the ultimate music listening experience. 

PMC Fact Fenestria Martins HiFi Event
Fact Fenestria; Source: PMC Speakers

It combines new materials, groundbreaking vibration-canceling design, innovative aerodynamic engineering, and cutting-edge cabinets.

Let’s not forget that the speakers come with high-end drivers that will let you get every detail of the music tracks. You will have a whole new listening experience with the PMC Fact Fenestra.

The loudspeaker also comes with patented Advanced Transmission Line bass-loading technology. This technology unlocks a whole new musical experience. 

Twenty5i Martins HiFi Event
Twenty5i; Source: PMC Speakers

And you will not hear anything other than the music for this tech. That’s why PMC calls the Fact Fenestria the “loudspeaker you will never hear.” 

That said, during the Martins HiFi event, you will have the chance to listen to hear live demonstrations of the flagship PMC speakers. 

And the significant part is that you can even meet the experts that came up with this beautifully crafted HiFi loudspeaker.

Now, the Fact Fenestria is not the only thing you can experience at the Martins HiFi event. PMC will also showcase the Twenty5i loudspeakers

Twenty5i Martins HiFi Event
Twenty5i; Source: PMC Speakers

This range will come with four two-way loudspeakers, which will include the compact Twenty5i.21 and the floor-standing Twenty5i.24.

Plus, the range will have the flagship three-way Twenty5i.26. And there will also be a center channel model and a prove woofer for use in the surround systems of the PMC.

Overall, the Martins HiFi event has a lot to offer. And even if you are not into the Twenty5i speakers, the fact that you can experience the Fact Fenestria at the event is mind-blowing. 

You really should not let this chance go if you make it to the show.

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