ProtoArc Trackball Mouse Review – EM01 brings LED Lights to Ergonomic Comfort

ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01

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Release Date
January 25, 2022
6.7 oz
5.24 x 3.98 x 2.01 in

ProtoArc has created a bunch of really good-looking desk accessories to help make your office in your work more functional and more enjoyable with their racy inclusion of LED lights.

As many of you know, I am constantly on the hunt for tools and devices that help me to work more efficiently and become more productive without doing any more injury to my wrists and forearms. 

The constant nagging of Tendonitis and the threat of RSI is something that I am continually working against and also trying to recommend to others how they can better improve their work and office ergonomic balance.

I’ve been a massive advocate for the Logitech MX Ergo range for years and have owned four of these trackball mice, over the years. 

My wife uses an early model of the Logitech, and I have one at home and one at the office. 

I actually have another MX Ergo at the office, which, when I was a little too enthusiastic about cleaning the laser, stuck a pin through it and broke it. 

These are not cheap things to replace, so there was some weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Budget Pick

ProtoArc EM01 Wireless Trackball Mouse

The LED lights are a novelty but do add some fun to an affordable ergonomic mouse

Price Range: $
Brand: ProtoArc
ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01 in use


The ProtoArc EM01 is an affordable alternative to more expensive ergonomic mice for your office or gaming needs.

It delivers on all the main points and although the finest details can take some time to target, the mouse is comfortable and performs well with both 2.4ghz connection or Bluetooth.

It not only looks great but is very comfortable to use.

The Specs

  • Connectivity Technology:  Bluetooth, USB
  • Number of Buttons:  8
  • Lighting Mode :  4 RGB color effects
  • Angle Design:  0 to 20 degrees
  • Battery:  Built-in 900mAh lithium battery
  • Battery Life:  1 month per one full recharge with the lights off

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Wireless Trackball Mouse
  • 1 x USB Receiver
  • 1 x Type C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Stuff I like

  • LED lights are pretty cool
  • Bluetooth AND a dongle for 2.4ghz RF is good
  • Comfortable
  • Very light compared to competitors
  • 0-20 degree tilt option for even more comfort
  • A good range of buttons for everything you need to navigate
  • Offers 1000, 1600 and 2400 dpi selectable options

Stuff I like less

  • Could be a touch more accurate at times so just make sure you’re on the highest DPI setting.

Comparable products to consider

Logitech MX Ergo Mouse
Logitech MX Ergo Mouse

Portable and light with unbeatable comfort, for reducing tendonitis, and RSI hand strain.

ProtoArc offered to send me their new EM01 Sculpted Ergonomic Mouse, and of course, I was keen to try it out and give a review of it because it had that “same look” that the MX Ergo has, but at a much cheaper price. 

And if you look at the mouse itself, those shiny LED lights always suck me in.

As you’ll know from my review of the Fifine H6 Ampligame Gaming Headset, the EM01 from ProtoArc comes with all the buttons that you’re going to need to make this a successful and well-programmed mouse. 

It also comes with two connectivity options. 

  • One – the 2.4 GHz connection with a small USB dongle that you connect to your laptop
  • Two – it is also a Bluetooth Trackball Mouse. 
ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01 angled
Adjustable angle allows you to customize the angle from 0 to 20 degrees | Make Life Click

First Impressions

The thing that blew me away about the ProtoArc EM01 is how light it is. 

It’s really quite easy to throw in your bag and carry around, and I think moving forward, this would probably be my travel mouse of choice just because the MX Ergo is so heavy and doesn’t travel as well.

The ProtoArc EM01 Trackball Mouse also has a 20-degree tilt on it. 

That means that you can rotate it flat or angle it up to give your wrist a much more natural resting position. 

This is crucial for me with any mouse that I use, and it astonishes me that the majority of mice still on the market use a very flat-handed design that requires you to rotate your forearm in an unnatural manner to operate the mouse.

It has a USB-C charging port at the front of the unit, and the box comes with an included USB-C cable. 

It’s a little short for what you might need if you want to actually use the mouse and charge it while you’re on your computer if your computer is up on a laptop stand, but if the mouse is right next to your laptop on a desk, then it would be perfectly fine.

This mouse is compatible with Windows and Mac machines. 

ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01 trackball
Keep your palm in a natural position for all-day comfort | Make Life Click

Tech Specs

The tech specs are:

  • 2.4 GHz optional connection 
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • RGB lighting
  • rechargeable battery
  • trackball mouse

Using the EM01 from ProtoArc

This trackball mouse from ProtoArc was fast when I first plugged it in. 

At first I used the RF adapter and then switched over to Bluetooth at a later time. 

It was definitely way quicker than the other mouse I was using and so I needed to adjust the trackball speed in the settings on my Mac. 

I’ll include a video on how to do that if you need it below.

Adjust the trackball speed on a MacBook

Once I had the trackball slowed down, everything felt much more normal. 

I have to say that the RGB lights at times distracted me by catching my eye as I was working. 

That little glittering in the side corner of my vision sometimes made me think, “Oh, what’s that?” So, I had to have a look only to discover it was the pretty shining lights of the mouse itself.

The ergonomics feel identical to the MX Ergo that I’ve currently been using, which was really nice; it’s a good thing. 

There’s a nice curve to the design and it is slightly sculpted to offer a little bit of resting pattern for your hand which probably reduces strain incrementally. 

I didn’t find the trackball was as micro-accurate as others that I’ve used. 

But the longer I used it, the more accurate I became using it. 

ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01 vs Logitech mouse angled
ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01 vs Logitech MX Ergo Mouse | Make Life Click

So I think like all things, it probably just takes a little bit of practice to get used to a new piece of hardware. That being said, it’s still just not quite as sharp.

Getting back to those fancy LED lights, they are programmable. 

There are four different modes that you can work with:

  1. The default mode when you turn it on is streaming mode
  2. There’s also a breathing mode
  3. A mixed-color breathing mode
  4. And also a neon mode

It’s a little hard to describe how each of these differs, so if you do end up picking one of these up it will make a lot more sense at that point to cycle through them.

In terms of options on the mouse itself, there’s the trackball wheel, there is a device switching button which is the main one behind the trackball. 

ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01
Comfortable textured surface | Make Life Click

You’ve got your normal left and right-click buttons.

You have a forward and back button which is just above the trackball mouse, and then just behind the trackball are the light switch button and the DPI button.

The three numeric values that sit on top at the back of the primary button are one, two, and three. 

The first is the 2.4 GHz Adapter connection indicator, the second is the wireless indicator one and the third is wireless indicator two.


The ProtoArc Trackball Mouse is an affordable and functional mouse. 

While I have to say it clearly takes its design lead off the MX Ergo from Logitech, it is much more affordable. A lot lighter.

The RGB lights would make this an absolute blast if you’re using it for gaming or even just to impress people at the local cafe or office wherever you’re working from. 

ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01 RGB light
Pretty RGB lights, with over 4 color effects to choose from | Make Life Click

The angling of the zero to 20 degrees makes it an excellent choice for more natural wrist placement and the fact that it can be used across multiple devices, including tablets, etc., and that it offers both 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity is really impressive in a package that’s affordable.

The build quality is really nice, and as I say, because it is so much lighter than another mouse that I have, it will certainly be a regular traveling companion with me. 

This Protoarc trackball mouse might be a little larger than another computer mouse, but the ergonomics is just too good to not take with me.

Any questions? Ask away in the comments below.

ProtoArc Wireless Bluetooth Trackball Mouse, EM01 2.4G RGB Ergonomic Rechargeable Rollerball Mice with 3 Adjustable DPI, 3 Device Connection&Thumb Control, for PC, iPad, Mac, Windows-Black
ProtoArc EM01 Wireless Trackball Mouse
ProtoArc Trackball Ergonomic Mouse EM01 RGB light zoomed in
ProtoArc EM01 Wireless Trackball Mouse
Build Quality
Battery Life

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