PSB Speakers M4U 9 and M4U TWN: All About the Audio Performance

PSB Speakers M4U

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You might know PSB speakers for offering premium HiFi loudspeakers in the market. Well, apart from just manufacturing loudspeakers, the brand also provides headphones and earphones. 

In fact, it has been selling these audio products for more than ten years. And if you are looking to try them out, the new M4U 9 and TWN would be a good starting point.

So, the new M4U line is all about high performance. To be exact, the M4U 8 MKIIs that the brand debuted this year were also focused on performance too. 

PSB Speakers M4U
M4U 9; Source: PSB Speakers

But with the M4U 9 lineup, the PSB speaker took things to the next level. Want to know what is so great about the PSB Speakers M4U 9 headphones? 

The main highlight is that the pair implements sound personalization options. Thanks to the partnership with Audiodo Personal Sound for introducing this feature. 

PSB and Audiodo Personal Sound worked with the proprietary RoomFeel technology and came up with the sound personalization options available in the PSB Speakers M4U 9.

PSB Speakers M4U
M4U 9; Source: PSB Speakers

But that’s not all! The M4U 9 comes with an overall premium construction. It is even full of intelligent and adaptive audio technologies. 

For example, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphone utilizes new graphene-infused drivers, which enhances the sound’s stiffness, damping, and efficiency.

To be exact, M4U 9 gets the ability to offer a “true-to-nature” sonic signature and a more crisp and powerful sound for the new drivers. 

PSB Speakers M4U
M4U TWM; Source: PSB Speakers

And you can enjoy it all wirelessly, all thanks to the aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec. The headphone even has support for streaming 24-bit high-definition audio.

Regarding the ANC, the PSB Speakers M4U 9 utilizes 4 MEMS microphones. They help to decrease the audio conversion error and make the experience genuinely noise-free. 

There are two additional CVC microphones available to offer you crystal-clear call quality. Moving on, the PSB Speakers M4U TWM earbuds come packed with Magneto-Static technology. 

PSB Speakers M4U
M4U TWM; Source: PSB Speakers

The buds integrate that in a Hybrid Plana dual driver design. It is the same technology that’s inside the high-end magneto loudspeakers. And PSB being able to fit the tech in such small earbuds is truly remarkable.

Moreover, the PSB Speakers M4U TWM comes with dedicated transducers. One is for high frequencies, while the other is for low frequencies. They work together to ensure you get a genuinely pristine audio-listening experience. The drivers also offer great deep lush bass and a natural mid-range.

There are plenty of convenient features on the M4U TWM Buds. For example, the buds have a dynamic low latency mode, which can ensure a seamless sync from games and movies.

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