The Long-Awaited Ferrum WANDLA DAC is Launching This Month!


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Vana LTD, Ferrum’s official importer and distributor announced that the Ferrum WANDLA DAC would launch along with a complete range of Ferrum products at AXPONA 2023.

And in case you didn’t know, the AXPONA 2023 event is planned to take place pretty soon. If you are wondering, WANDLA comes from the German word Wandler. 

From its inception, the term was assigned for converters, which was designed to set a “new standard among D-to-A Converters.” Nonetheless, Ferrum WANDLA, for its heart, has Ferrum’s proprietary ARM-based platform. 

Source: Ferrum

It goes by SERCE, which Ferrum says can single-handedly perform the tasks of five chips. In other words, it works wonders to create the shortest possible signal path for digital ports.

That being said, the digital ports include I2S, HDMI, USB, optical S/PDIF, and coaxial ports. Ferrum’s engineering team has integrated an advanced new current-to-voltage converter behind the conversion stage. 

There is an output stage that benefits from Ferrum’s experience in developing the ERCO and OOR. The system is based on Ferrum’s HYPSOS hybrid design.

Source: Ferrum

That means, in the Ferrum WANDLA, you will find multiple internal power supplies, which pump up both the digital and analog sections. As they are placed accordingly, there is minimal noise and interference during the power transfer.

The Ferrum WANDLA has a dual-core ARM chip that will do much more than just manage the functions of the DAC. It will make sure that the users get meaningful choices. 

To offer that, the chip will ensure that all the digital server filters are accessible. With the SERCE platform, Ferrum created a Dynamic Digital Filter to bypass the ESS DAC filters. 

Source: Ferrum

In addition, Ferrum has included the ability for the users to do more modifications to let the WANDLA evolve according to needs.

According to Marcin Hemerla for Ferrum, “Initial units will include three unique filter options, and we will challenge our user community to vote for their favorites. Subsequent firmware updates will replace the least favorite filter options with new alternatives.” 

He added, “After five rounds, we will proclaim a winning digital filter and create a new community of digital filter specialists: people interacting with us and their WANDLAs in search of the best possible, custom-tailored sound.”

Source: Ferrum

Moreover, Ferrum will release an auto-updater application for the Windows PC and Mac users to take complete control over the firmware updates. Also, the XLR balanced and unbalanced outputs come with a configurable trigger.

Finally, the Ferrum WANDLA DAC has a user-friendly touchscreen. It has a high overall resolution and features an intuitive user interface. Thanks to that, controlling the DAC will be a piece of cake now.

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