Pure Woodland: New Rugged Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoors

Pure Woodland

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Pure Woodland is the latest addition to the lineup of the brand. As the name suggests, the speaker is ready for all your outdoor adventures. And it does not matter whether your adventure is set in the woodlands or on the beach.

But what really makes it adventure-ready?  That would be the rugged construction that Pure has stuck with for the Woodland Bluetooth speaker.

Its construction can take more abuse than any other regular wireless speaker. In addition, the Pure Woodland Bluetooth speaker is all set to keep you jamming to your favorite music during your entire time outdoors. 

Pure Woodland
Source: Pure

With a single charge, it can offer a 14-hour run time. To compare, the highly-rated Flip 6 from JBL delivers 12 hours of playtime. 

So, Pure Woodland will surely not disappoint you regarding battery life. Pure has also considered other factors that make a portable speaker durable and rugged.

For example, the portable speaker boasts an IP67 rating. This makes the Bluetooth speaker capable of handling splashes of water with ease. 

Pure Woodland
Source: Pure

You can even listen to music while it’s raining and while you are in the shower. It will be easy to carry the Pure Woodland portable speaker around. There’s an integrated carry handle to take care of that. 

You can easily put it inside your backpack too. The speaker has a reasonably compact form factor. At this point, you might be thinking about the Pure Woodland speaker’s sound performance. 

The good news is that the audio performance is another factor where the Bluetooth speaker has good potential. 

Pure Woodland
Source: Pure

It comes with a 10-watt dual acoustic sound setup. Pure says this setup can deliver a “rich, warm sound that can be enjoyed effortlessly.” In other words, you can expect to enjoy every little detail of audio tracks on this portable Bluetooth speaker. 

Connectivity-wise, the speaker packs Bluetooth 5.1. As it is one of the latest Bluetooth versions, it will not fail in keeping the wireless connections stable and drop-free.

The Pure Woodland also comes with DAB+/FM capabilities. This means you do not need to keep this Bluetooth speaker connected to a source to listen to music. 

Pure Woodland
Source: Pure

Instead, you can tune in to the local radio stations and vibe to the tracks played there. You will not face any trouble controlling the playback either. 

There are dedicated buttons on the top of the speaker that will let you get complete control over the audio that’s being played.

But note that the speaker does not support any voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa.

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