Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox Launched In Partnership With Devialet

Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox

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With the launch of Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox, the manufacturer Sharp is officially announcing its partnership with Devialet. 

If you don’t know, Devialet is a high-end audio manufacturer based in France. The brand is widely known for its Phantom and Expert line of products.

Nonetheless, the CP-LS100 SumoBox features a large and weighty design. And one of the main highlights of the speaker is that it comes with a removable battery pack. 

Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox
Source: Sharp

Sharp says the SumoBox is “a bass line that will hit you like a sumo wrestler.” Under the hood, the Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox features two 20cm woofers and two 5cm tweeters. 

They offer a total power output of 120W of stereo sound. Wondering how Devialet is involved with this project? Well, the Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox utilizes the patented Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology of Devialet. 

This tech and the unvented closed-box design will deliver “rich, detailed, and powerful bass with minimal audible distortion.” In terms of connectivity, you will find three physical inputs. They are 2x TRS/XLR combo and 1x AUX input. 

Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox
Source: Sharp

Regarding wireless connection, you have Bluetooth 5.0. The great part is that all of these input options have support for independent volume level control. But if you are looking to further boost your sound, you can link the Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox with another model. 

A Duo Mode is available strictly for delivering True Wireless Stereo (TWS) playback. If you do not want to use the Duo Mode, you can use the daisy chain method to pair multiple speakers with wires.

That’s not all! The Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox allows you to connect a microphone, keyboard, or guitar. That means you can use the speaker as a rocking portable amp that you can take anywhere. Of course, battery life could be your concern in that regard. 

Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox
Source: Sharp

However, the good news is that the Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox has a large Lithium-ion battery pack. This pack can offer up to ten hours of uninterrupted playback. Most importantly, the battery pack is removable.

So, you can just keep an extra battery pack with you and swap out the drained one for uninterrupted music. When it comes to aesthetics, the Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox comes with an industrial black steel grille design. 

This gives the speaker a “functional and imposing” outlook. You will find silicone corner protectors, which are there to protect the SumoBox during transportation.

Sharp CP-LS100 SumoBox
Source: Sharp

In addition, there are three handles on the SumoBox. They will make it easier for you to move the speaker around. 

As there are handles on the horizontal and vertical orientations, carrying the Bluetooth speaker around will not be that much of a hassle.

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