QKZ AK6-X Earphones Review – Pastel IEMs With a Fury and the Best in the AK6 Line


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The Chi-fi company QKZ produced several models in the AK6 line. 

I’ve recently reviewed the AK6 and AK6 Pro, which I’d both highly recommend because of their overall good-quality sound and super affordable price. 

Sure, they were lacking in some aspects but I got them for less than $5 each so there’s not much to complain about.

Up next is the QKZ AK6-X. This model in the series is priced between the two other models and it has a unique look that makes it stand out from the whole AK6 line.

But what does it have to offer in terms of sound? Let’s find out!

Best Value


Available in candy colors, these IEMs stand out from the AK6 line in both aesthetics and sound.

Price Range: $
Brand: QKZ Audio
QKZ AK6-X - Silicone Tip


Coming in a retail price that’s between the AK6 and the AK6 Pro, the QKZ AK6-X is easily the best model in the series.

It has a 10 mm dynamic driver and comes in four sold pastel colorways. With the AK6-X, the brand has finally managed to fix the AK6 line’s recurring issue, which is note decay.

For such a low price, considering I got mine for $3, you’re getting a balanced and cohesive sound signature that has great bass, energetic midrange, and treble sparkle with the details to boot.

The AK6-X is perfect for every use case that you can think of, and it doesn’t hurt your wallet just to do so.

The Specs

  • Driver:  10mm Single Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency Response:  20Hz-20000kHz
  • Impedance:  16Ω
  • Sensitivity:  98±3dB

What’s in the Box?

  • QKZ AK6-X earphones
  • 3.5mm jack cable
  • 2 x Stock tips
  • Cable clip
  • Silicon ear hooks

Stuff I like

  • Midrange forwardness and clarity
  • Great bass dynamics
  • Good resolving ability
  • Adequate note sustain
  • Treble sparkle
  • Energetic tuning

Stuff I like less

  • Treble air

Comparable products to consider


One of the cheapest IEMs in the market, the QKZ VK4 can perform well above its price point and catch up with the newer releases.

First Impressions

Similar to other products in the line, the QKZ AK6-X comes in standard packaging and its unboxing experience is unremarkable.

Upon opening the box and seeing the IEMs for the first time, I immediately saw that it looks different from all the other models in the AK6 line. These IEMs come in a pastel-colored opaque shell whereas the other models come in transparent shells with vibrant colors.

Regarding the sound, the first thing I noted was the odd thing the bass does. It isn’t overwhelming but it jumps out when the track needs it to. 

When it does that, I find the bass really well-textured and deep, which complements the good slam and punch dynamics of the mid-bass.

I also liked how the midrange sounded as they weren’t recessed at all like any of the previous models from the AK6 line. 

The treble had really good detail retrieval but shared the AK6 line’s weakness which is the lack of treble air but only by a little bit.

Aesthetic pastel color and smooth finish | Make Life Click

Build Quality

Because of its look, the QKZ AK6-X has to be the most unique sibling out of the line. Unlike the original AK6 and the AK6 Pro, these IEMs come in a solid pastel finish, which I find aesthetically pleasing. 

It’s fairly light and has the same kind of cable as the rest of the lineup except that the cable is white. Pair that up with some translucent ear tips and QKZ nailed the aesthetics.

You still have to be careful with them as they’re still made of plastic. 

Overall, they don’t feel cheap and they look exquisite resting on your ears so the AK6-X gets some extra points for style.

Fit and Comfort

I have zero qualms about the fit of the QKZ AK6-X as they give me a perfect seal where maximum noise isolation is guaranteed.

Even though the fit can still largely depend on your ear size, these IEMs are generally made for a universal fit.

Regarding comfort, I can say that these IEMs also did well. Using them for long listening sessions didn’t make my ears hurt, so I also have zero complaints about that.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of each QKZ IEM is to never be trifled with just hunches based on their price. I, for one, have never gotten it right. 

Because of how affordable they are, I assumed that the general tuning would just be awful but boy was I wrong. All models in the AK6 series sounded pretty decent.

The QKZ AK6-X surpassed all of the other models in its line by the control and quality of its bass, the presentation of its midrange, and great treble details. 

Most importantly, it finally fixed the abrupt note decay that a whole lot of QKZ IEMs have been struggling with. And that elevated this particular set to a whole new playing field.

QKZ AK6-X - Driver
Excellent sound quality with call noise-canceling feature | Make Life Click


The bass on the QKZ AK6-X is very controlled and can even be called tame. 

The sub-bass isn’t perpetually present compared to most models on the AK6 line but it’ll present itself if a track emphasizes it. 

The mid-bass has inherently good slam and punch dynamics. It makes up for most of the bass’ engagement factor. 

Overall, this new approach with the bass caught me off guard, as this type of bass response falls under my preferences.


The midrange on the AK6-X is forward and can be heard with good clarity and energy.

I was able to enjoy vocal-centric tracks and other types of music unlike most of its brothers, so genre selection doesn’t need to be too intentional. 

The timbre is good and the tonality is natural. It’s everything you would want in a midrange.


The treble on this set has great extension and the details have the proof to vouch for it. Tiny details that one could easily miss are rendered out pretty nicely on the QKZ AK6-X. 

The transient response is also snappy and has a lot of crispiness to it. As far as I can tell, these IEMs nailed it with the treble too.

Test Tracks

These are only some of the music I picked off from my playlist after testing. 

I’ve found that the QKZ AK6-X is very flexible in terms of genres and can handle almost anything you throw at it with ease, so here are some songs for you to enjoy with these IEMs.

QKZ AK6-X - Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic ear-rolling design | Make Life Click
  • Forget by Pogo (Dance/Electronic) – A lot of sounds on this track are doing a sort of juggling interchange as the music unfolds. With an assortment of instruments, the sound separation of the AK6-X made these instruments sound distinct from each other. Presentation-wise, it isn’t dull and it manages to make the track really engaging and fun to listen to.
  • Orb by NITO (New Age) – This is a favorite track of mine, from the guitar virtuoso, Ichika Nito and I use it once in a while to test a set’s midrange and treble quality. With the AK6-X, I’d like to report that the electric guitar on this track has a rich and full tone. The highs are clean and don’t reach any sibilance peaks. It was a pleasant listening experience from start to end and the IEMs highlighted how substantial the tuning is on both frequency ranges.
  • Company by Kid Travis (Pop) – This track strikes a balance between the three frequency ranges as Kid uses a lot of vocal ranges, instruments, and effects. The bass is very groovy and has a great presence and texture. The mid-bass is as perfect as it gets. The timbre on the guitar strings and the bass guitar is well-fleshed out and sounds lifelike.
  • JD’s Song by Boy Pablo (Alternative/Indie) – The organic sound of the electric guitar on this track sets the intro on fire as you can hear them with great clarity and forwardness. The decay on the guitar lick is perfect and it segues into another verse that has a good amount of saturation on it. The backup echo voices come across as more distant than they usually are but they can be heard. 
  • Beach Boy by BENEE (Pop) – The reverb hook at the start is done well and I couldn’t have had it any better. The vocals come entwined with big bass and mellow strings, and the midrange lets all of these distinct sources sound apart from each other and shine in their respective lanes. The vocals are the star of this song but all of the instruments are the foundation of its success. The whole song is very engaging.


I really like the QKZ AK6-X as it shares a lot of the attributes of the BLON BL-03, which is one of my favorites in my IEM collection. 

It has a great and flexible bass that doesn’t throw itself in your face when it doesn’t need to. It has a capable and organic-sounding midrange with natural tonality, and it has a good treble extension and adequate sustain on its notes. 

QKZ AK6-X - Tension Resistant Cables
High-quality tension-resistant cables | Make Life Click

The AK6-X is hands down the best model in the AK6 line. 

It’s a great set for multi-genre music and you can even use it to watch movies or play some games. The clarity and the bass will make for a very enjoyable session for any of these uses. 

If you love the kind of tuning signature that the AK6-X has, then you’ll love this set. And the best part is that it won’t hurt your wallet.

For less than $10, or under $3 in some stores, you get an aesthetic-looking little nugget for your ears and it’s a pretty good-sounding one at that. 

The QKZ AK6-X will be a great addition to your growing collection or if you’re new to the audio hobby, it’ll be an awesome first pair of IEMs.

Sound Quality
Build Quality
Comfort and fit
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