Rega Naia Celebrates 50 Years of Turntable Design

PLANAR 8 Rega Naia

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We just had our first preview of the Rega Naia at the Bristol HiFi Show 2023. At its core, the Naia is a high-end turntable that utilizes the latest and the greatest tech that the British HiFi specialist has to bring to the table.

However, the Naia is not officially launching anytime soon. You will have to wait till Autumn 2023. Rega was just too excited to showcase it at the Bristol HiFi show. 

That’s why we consider it to be an early preview. Now, even though the Rega Naia is currently at a static display, the key details of the high-end turntable are out. 

PLANAR 8 Rega Naia
PLANAR 8; Source: Rega

First of all, the Naia is unlikely to hit the market in large quantities. In fact, there’s a chance that it might be a 50-year limited edition turntable from Rega. 

So, don’t expect to find it on the shelves. Besides that, the Rega Naia takes a lot of inspiration and borrows a lot of engineering concepts from the Planar 8 and Planar 10 decks

And even though both of them are affordable options, they both received great rankings from the reviewers.

PLANAR 8 Rega Naia
PLANAR 8; Source: Rega

However, the Naia is much closer to the Naiad’s ambition in terms of materials, performance, and engineering. But there are many new features in it. 

For example, even though the skeletal plinth might look familiar, it is made of carbon fiber, a first from Rega.

Rega also infused the plinth with graphene material. But yes, it does have the Tancast 8 foam core, which is present in the Planar 6, Planar 8, and Planar 10.

PLANAR 10 Rega Naia
PLANAR 10; Source: Rega

Other than that, the RB titanium one-piece tonearm is brand-new in the Rega Naia. It has a vertical bearing housing, titanium vertical spindle, and tungsten balance weight shaft and weight.

The central bearing, on the other hand, is a ZTA zirconium-toughened alumina. It is the same material that Rega utilized in Naiad. 

But the Rega Naia does have a triple drive belt, which is there to improve stability and drive characteristics. Also, the platter is ceramic and is “resonance controlled.” 

PLANAR 10 Rega Naia
PLANAR 10; Source: Rega

It also has an improved flywheel effect, keeping the speed stable. And the cherry on top is that the deck has “low mass” skeletal aluminum feet.

Finally, the Rega Naia comes with a dedicated AC power supply unit. It is the same power supply that is present in Planar 10. 

And you will be able to get the turntable without or with the reference Aphelion 2 moving coil cartridge. But expect the price tag to increase by a lot when you opt for the unit with the moving coil cartridge.

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