Bristol HiFi Show 2023: Innovative Designs by Pink Triangle And The Funk Firm

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We are all set for Bristol HiFi Show 2023. But, you might not hear about Pink Triangle that well. And if you have not heard about the firm, you should know that Neal Jackson and Arthur Khoubesserian founded it. 

These two people are well-known for coming up with highly innovative turntable designs. Another thing about the brand that makes them special is that it was one of the first HiFi brands to talk about “Closer to the Master Tape.” 

Now, while the British HiFi manufacturer was founded in 1979, it had little of a recent appearance in the HiFi industry.

Bristol HiFi Show 2023 Pink Triangle And Funk
Source: Jumpstory

Well, after 20 years, the brand is all set to reappear in the industry. And it is going to make a comeback by creating a lot of noise at the Bristol HiFi show 2023

Arthur Khoubesserian’s isolation theory has made him come out with the Blue Danube Turntable. And it is precisely the “Closer to the Master Tape” that Pink Triangle talked about in the early days.

As the name suggests, the Pink Triangle Blue Danube is a piece of art. It features an exquisite wooden design that boasts a resin design in the middle. 

Bristol HiFi Show 2023 Pink Triangle And Funk
Source: Jumpstory

In fact, the looks alone are enough to make the brand sell its latest turntable to you. Talking about the look, you can customize it! 

Yes, Pink Triangle is currently offering the option to adjust the outlooks to match your color taste. And that makes the Blue Danube one of the most highly customizable British turntables.

That said, the Blue Danube is not the only thing that Pink Triangle will showcase at the Bristol HiFi show 2023. 

Bristol HiFi Show 2023 Pink Triangle And Funk
Source: Jumpstory

The firm is ready to exhibit a concept of its new works. From what we know, there will be a prototype pair of floor-standing speakers

And the aesthetics of these active floor-standing speakers are aimed to complement the concept to deliver a “coherent, domestically acceptable system” feel.

Besides Pink Triangle, the Bristol HiFi show 2023 will also have The Funk Firm. And at the show, the Funk Firm will showcase its upgraded 2023 turntable lineup. 

Bristol HiFi Show 2023 Pink Triangle And Funk
Source: Jumpstory

This lineup will boast Rok plinth constructions, which are designed to be particularly non-resonant. Furthermore, Rok plinth constructions will make the new lineup of The Funk Firm cosmetically customizable.

In case you didn’t know, various Rega, GL75, Linn, Thorens, and Technics designs are already available based on the same construction. 

So, 2023 will have a lot of potential in terms of design. Want to catch The Funk Firm and Pink Triangle at the Bristol HiFi show? The event is all set for the 24th and 25th of February. And you can catch them both in room 414 on the 4th floor.

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