Final ZE8000: Is it the Final ANC TWS You Will Ever Need?

Final ZE8000

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You might not be that familiar with Final. Well, it is a Japanese brand that is best known for its headphones. And recently, it has been pushing the limits with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds. A perfect example of that would be the Final ZE8000.

So, the ZE8000 is basically going head-to-head with the class leaders. And one of the first highlights of the TWS is that it can offer “8K Sound.” 

Even though this might sound like a gimmick, it is basically what Final calls the innovative technology in the driver.

Final ZE8000
Source: Final

That is, the drivers of the Final ZE8000 utilize amplification and DSP to offer you the best possible sound quality. 

According to Final, “Instead of focusing only on [the] fine-tuning of particular frequencies, the time element of every single bit of sound is also carefully calibrated with digital signal processing.”

That is further enhanced with the ‘f-CORE for 8K Sound’ driver. With a large 13mm diaphragm, the ultra-low distortion drivers of the Final ZE8000 have an “impressively low total harmonic distortion.” 

Final ZE8000
Source: Final

And most importantly, they are powered through a Class AB amplification, which is present in each bud.

All the tech in the Final ZE8000 will result in a sound that will feature the highest precision digital signal processing. In other words, the sound will enable you to enjoy the fullest possible texture and detail.

Final did not skimp one bit in terms of wireless technology either. The ZE8000 comes with Bluetooth 5.2, which will offer a highly stable wireless connection. 

Final ZE8000
Source: Final

It also brings support for aptX Adaptive and aptX codecs. And if you don’t want to listen to music on those, you also have the standard AAC and SBC.

The Final ZE8000 is also fully compatible with devices that support the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound technology. 

That includes the phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. With that in place, you will get the most enhanced Bluetooth experience with the TWS.

Final ZE8000
Source: Final

However, do not expect to get the aptX Lossless from the Final ZE8000. The TWS does not have the chip to support this particular audio feature.

There’s no support for dynamic head tracking either. Furthermore, the ZE8000 has advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) tech.

Final says that even with the ANC turned on, the sound quality from the drivers will not take a hit. In other words, the Final ZE8000 will not fail to offer you a fully immersive music-listening experience.

Overall, the ZE8000 does not lag that far behind Bose QuietComfort EarBuds II, Sony WF-1000XM4, or the Apple AirPods Pro 2. In fact, it is an excellent alternative to the mentioned flagships.

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