Rode VideoMicro Unboxing and Testing – Why is it so popular?

Rode VideoMicro with Retail Box on desk

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The Rode VideoMicro is one of the most popular mini gunshot microphones on the market. Rode had great early insights into where the market was going when creating this and their foresight has rewarded them with a huge following of influencers and youtube producers who use it daily.

It’s first and foremost a mobile camera dream. Doesn’t need special power, has a 3.5mm jack mic cable adaptor and includes a hot shoe mount which has some natural built-in stabilisation.

It also ships with the wind-sock included so out of the box you have all you need to get great sound into your camera, even in windy situations.

If you are using this with an iPhone or MacBook you will need a TRRS cable instead of using the included adaptor.

Included in the box:

  • Video Micro Microphone
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm mic cable
  • Wind-sock / Pop stopper
  • Suspension Mount (Rycote Lyre)
Editor’s Pick
Rode VideoMicro Compact Microphone

Easily powered and delivery rich clean sound, the Rode VideoMicro is an industry leading mini compact microphone for a reason. Simple to use and includes the accessories you need to get shooting immdiately.

We’ve tested this for use with an iPhone and also with the iPhone connected to a DJI Osmo gimble.

Outside it’s a great microphone but stay close if you want to avoid picking up sounds and noises from other sources.

The output is rich and clean and in a studio situation, it can really enhance recordings with very little effort. If you have auto audio settings enabled you will want to make some noise for a while for the auto-levels to set themselves before you begin your actual footage.

You’ll notice in the video when I switch over the audio is a little hot and clips for a few seconds before it auto-adjusts. See below screenshot of the audio waveforms.

Screenshot from a Rode VideoMicro video showing the audio waveform peaking above 0db
The yellow peaks highlight the audio clipping.

I think this is a perfect microphone for travel, studio or tripod use in almost any situation. As a mini gunshot so it won’t have the reach that some of it’s powered bigger brothers have, but it still performs admirably.

A perfect companion for any portable camera kit.

Rode VideoMicro with Retail Box on desk
Source: Make Life Click

Check out the video and you should get a good feel for how the VideoMicro looks, works and sounds.

Comments always welcome below.

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