Rotel Michi Series 2: Amps with Superior DACs You Need to Check Out

Rotel Michi Series 2

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Rotel Michi Series 2 has arrived with three impressive models inside the lineup. Among the main highlights, the new amps come with brand-new DACs and bring more than 90 improvements. 

Yes, you read that right; each model offers more than 90 upgrades. So, what models does the new lineup come with? 

The lineup comprises the Michi X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier, which is basically the sequel to the Michi X3. 

Rotel Michi Series 2
X3; Source: Rotel

And in case you didn’t know, the X3 is one of the highly-rated Rotel products. Then, you have the P5 Series 2 Stereo Preamplifier and X5 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier. 

Each of the models of the Rotel Michi Series 2 comes with ultra-high precision 8-channel ES9028PRO DAC inside.

In case you are wondering, yes, the DAC is the same ESS SABRE 32-bit 768kHz that audiophiles praise. 

Rotel Michi Series 2
X5; Source: Rotel

The Rotel Michi Series 2 also comes with redesigned power suppliers and audio circuitry. These specific changes refine the audio and ensure the amps offer improved performance. But how good is the sound? 

According to Rotel, the audio will have more precision and detail in it. Moreover, the new Rotel Michi Series 2 amps can offer an immersive soundstage that will make you feel like being at the center of a concert.

In addition to that, Rotel Michi Series 2 comes with optimized signal paths, and the circuitry now offers loser overall noise with minimal distortion. Looking for specific specs? 

Rotel Michi Series 2
X5; Source: Rotel

The Michi X3 Series 3 Integrated Amplifier has the ability to deliver 350 watts into 4 Ohms. It features PC-USB (PCM, MQA, and DSD), digital, analog, wireless, and XLR connectivity options. Among the wireless, you have aptX HD Bluetooth sources. Want to play vinyl?

You will be glad to find a moving magnet phono stage on the X3. Moving on, the Rotel Michi Series 2 Michi X5 can offer 600 watts of Class AB output into 4 ohms. The unit features dual low-noise toroidal transformers. 

They are both in-house products. Also, there is support for all the sources found in the X3 Series 2. In addition, you will have XLR balanced, optical, and coaxial.

Rotel Michi Series 2
Source: Rotel

Finally, there’s the Rotel Michi Series 2 Michi P5. The Preamplifier takes things to the next level. It offers more than 125 component upgrades over its predecessor. 

And most importantly, it is packed with beefed-up components. For example, 8-channel ESS SABRE DACs are designed to extract more music detail.

All three models of the Series 2 will go on sale this month. And as you can guess, the X3 will be the most affordable of the three, while the P5 will be the most expensive model.

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