Axxess Forté Series: Audio Group Denmark Debuts Its Fourth Brand

Axxess Forté Series Audio Group Denmark

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Audio Group Denmark has just debuted its fourth brand by launching the Axxess Forté series. The fourth brand, Axess, will join the entire lineup of Audio Group Denmark side by side with Børresen, Ansuz, and Aavik. 

This launch of the fourth brand embodies the founders Michael Børresen and Lars Kristensen’s quest to bring more “authentic and emotional musical moments and their vision to share these kinds of precious moments with even more people.”

According to Audio Group Denmark, the Axess aims to capture the essence of Aavik, Børresen, and Ansuz. 

Axxess Forté Series Audio Group Denmark
Source: Audio Group Denmark

The Axxess Forté will reflect a world of high-end audio equipment. It will offer the perfect combination of technological excellence blended with the aesthetics of Danish design.

Those two components will go hand in hand to deliver authentic musical performance. The Axxess Forté will include high-quality amplifiers, loudspeakers, and audio cables that will push innovation to the next level.

Most importantly, the offerings of Axxess Forté will come at a much more modest price than the Aavik, Børresen, and Ansuz equipment. Even so, the products will retain Audio Group Denmark’s standards.

Axxess Forté Series Audio Group Denmark
Source: Audio Group Denmark

The technological innovations and developments of the Axxess Forté lineup come from the product development of the three others that are within the family. 

To be exact, the exchange of technology and knowledge among these three is exactly what makes the new series bring creative developments.

This approach allowed Audio Group Denmark to bring out some of its best pioneering core technologies and implement them all into the Axxess series. Wondering what exactly the series has to offer at the moment?

Axxess Forté Series Audio Group Denmark
Source: Audio Group Denmark

The series contains Axxess Forté  1, 2, and 3 when it comes to streaming amplifiers. These are three different levels of amps. 

The series comes with a DAC and streamer section, headphones, and an integrated amplifier. All the models take proper advantage of noise reduction and resonance control development traditions.

To gain the maximum performance, the series has UMAC™ amplifier technology. This tech allows the offerings to achieve maximum stability, precision, and reliability. 

Axxess Forté Series Audio Group Denmark
Source: Audio Group Denmark

The tech also requires less inductive filtering and produces less high-frequency noise. Regarding the DAC section, the primary challenge was to cope with increased signal delay and noise contamination. 

These two factors can significantly distort the music and result in undesirable “digital signatures.” Therefore, the Axxess Forté  boasts a 1-bit circuit, which aims to preserve the original “analog signature.”

The DAC range of the series has been designed to deliver the highest clarity and precision. And to offer that, it takes full advantage of fast data processing and insensitivity to noise.

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