Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 Dialogue-Enhanced Earbuds Launched

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2

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The Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 is here. And it comes with many upgrades over the previous generation, which debuted a year back.

All the improvements that Sennheiser has worked on are there to make the users get a much better experience with the wireless earbuds. As Sennheiser says, We listened to feedback from our passionate customers and went right to work.

The Senior Product Manager of Sennheiser, Micheal Eckardt, further states, “Our TV Clear Set 2 sounds better, sets up easier, and even fits better for a listening experience that builds on the success of the original.”

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2
Source: Sennheiser

In other words, the Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 primarily brings improved sound quality, smart customizations, and a hassle-free setup process.

To enhance the setup process, Sennheiser has re-engineered the buttons. They are now easier to use and let you quickly adjust Speech Clarity and volume levels.

And to make sure that the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds offer a proper fit, Sennheiser has worked with the ear adapters. Compared to the predecessor.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2
Source: Sennheiser; TV Clear Set

The Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 can offer a perfect fit for pretty much anyone and everyone. That includes people with smaller ears too.

Moreover, the new earbuds come fully pre-paired to the transmitter. This transmitter is also better than the one of the last generation.

It doubles the transmission bandwidth and offers more features. For example, you have wide Dolby compatibility, which ensures seamless connection to S/PDIF digital outputs.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2
Source: Sennheiser

With the Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2, Sennheiser updated the TV Clear companion app. It lets you customize the overall audio-listening experience.

There are options to configure the double-tap gesture, get visualized controls of the volume, and many more.

The app even offers better charging status feedback. On that note, no matter whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can get the app installed on your phone.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2
Source: Sennheiser

Charging the Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 will be a hassle-free process. It comes with Qi-wireless charging tech.

You can charge it in the wired mode if you want to. There’s a USB-C port for that. Regarding battery life, the buds can offer up to 15 hours of run time with a single charge. With a fully charged charging case, you will get another 1.5 full charges.

There are popular features available in the buds too. For example, you have Bluetooth multipoint, which will let you keep the earbuds connected to multiple devices.

That will eliminate the need to connect and disconnect the buds from one device to get them connected to the other.

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