SIMGOT EN700 Pro Earphones Review — Refined Excitement in an IEM


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Release Date
September 29, 2017
Price not available
10 oz
1.88 x 5.15 x 7.91 in

The high-end market has always been one of the main priorities of headphone and earphone manufacturers.

From established brands making no-holds-barred halo products like the Sennheiser HE-90 Orpheus to thinly-veiled marketing firms selling snake oil draped in silk and packed with a pretty bow, there’s always someone both able and willing to pay for anything if it looks convincingly good.

But good looks don’t have to be expensive, and the $150 EN700 Pro from SIMGOT seems to be a fairly earnest effort at it.

Premium Option


Refined, matured, and luxurious, the EN700 Pro is still a V-shaped sound, for better and for worse.

Price Range: $$$
SIMGOT EN700 Pro Design


Screaming “luxury” right from the outer covering of its box, the SIMGOT EN700 Pro boasts a gorgeous look that will give high-class earphones a run for their money.

Their weighty, V-shaped sound signature, however, keeps the earphones rooted in the mass-appeal territory.

The $150 price tag is a pretty tall ask for a first earphone, but it will more than serve a listener well—even if I personally am not a fan of its sound.

The Specs

  • Headphone Type:  Closed-back in-ear monitors
  • Driver Type:  10mm single titanium-coated dynamic driver
  • Frequency Response:  15 – 40,000 Hz
  • Rated Input Power:  10 mW
  • Sensitivity:  101 dB @ 1,000 Hz
  • Impedance:  16 Ω
  • Cable:  Removable 1.2m silver-plated braided cable
  • Connector:  2-pin to 3.5mm (1/8″)

What’s in the Box?

  • SIMGOT EN700 Pro earphones
  • Eartips (6 pairs)
  • Leatherette carry case
  • Cable
  • Eartip cleaning brush
  • Warranty card

Stuff I like

  • Luxurious looks and package
  • Rich, refined midrange
  • Fun, thumping bass response

Stuff I like less

  • Lower treble can be harsh
  • Midbass can be overbearing
  • Housings might be too big for some ears

Comparable products to consider

Pinnacle P1
MEE Audio Pinnacle P1

While a decent $30 step up in price, the P1 offers a much larger jump in features and sound. Whether that is worth $200 is up for debate.

MX2 Pro
MEE Audio MX2 Pro

Bass lovers may better appreciate the stronger yet tighter response of the MX2 Pro at $50 under the EN700 Pro’s price, but the semi-rugged look and inferior durability might be a turnoff.

Overview & History

The Simgot EN700 Pro is the third and final iteration of the EN700 line of dynamic driver earphones from the then-budding Chinese earphone maker.

Released two years after the original version from 2017, the Pro builds on customer feedback gathered from both the EN700 and the EN700 Bass to create a more balanced middle ground. 

That said, both of the older EN700 models were later phased out as Simgot came out with newer designs, so only the EN700 Pro can be bought today.

Packaging & Accessories

Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to Simgot products, and the EN700 Pro is no different. 

The unboxing experience, while eye-catching pretty, is simple and doesn’t go overboard with layers and cutouts.

The included accessories are fairly decent—two different sets of ear tips in 3 sizes each alongside a cleaning brush. 

SIMGOT EN700 Pro Retail Box
Sleek matte retail box | Make Life Click

Of course, most of your attention will likely be on the magnetic-closing carrying case. Lined with soft fabric on the inside and coated with protein leather on the outside, it has managed to hold up pretty well in my possession.

Build Quality

The aluminum shells of the EN700 Pro are coated with a satin finish in your choice of black, gray, red, or blue. The outer plate features a dashing gold-trimmed grille reminiscent of the Hifiman HE-1000.

The included silver-plated copper cable is tightly braided and built well on both ends.

I have to give particular praise to the 2-pin connectors, which are molded in an elbow shape to get rid of any strain issues from having the cable around the back of the ear.


While nowhere near as large as those earphones that try for the “custom IEM” look, the EN700 Pro is still pretty big as it is. 

As such, how comfortable they mostly depend on how the housings rest on your outer ear. 

As someone who has rather average-shaped and sized ears, the size wasn’t an issue, and the flat grille lets the EN700 Pro rest flush on the ears pretty comfortably. 

However, I can expect those with smaller ears to have some issues.

SIMGOT EN700 Pro Back Design
Well-built all-metal housing with luxurious grill design | Make Life Click

Sound Quality

Much like its predecessors, the EN700 Pro has a V-shaped sound signature. This means it has louder bass and treble compared to a sound that’s described as “flat”.


As noted earlier, the EN700 Pro comes with two sets of ear tips, which are stored in cute cards with labels and descriptions of each.

The Eartip I set (the “treble ear tips”) supposedly provides “crystal clear sound”, while the Eartip II set (the “bass ear tips”) supposedly gives “neutral and bass-driven sound,” – two descriptors that I think are supposed to be mutually exclusive.

There’s a slight difference in sound between the two types, but it’s still noticeable. 

While the following review was mostly done with the treble ear tips, I found myself preferring the bass ear tips more often than not. I’ll explain why as we go through the sound.


The EN700 Pro’s bass response is by far its strongest suit, offering a great balance of impact and resolution that will please bass lovers and most average listeners. 

As a big fan of electronic music, the EN700 Pro delivers its low end admirably, with a highlight from my listening sessions being Haywyre’s “Never Count On Me”. 

The EN700 Pro deftly pumps out its complex bass passages without becoming overwhelming.

SIMGOT EN700 Pro Detachable Cable
Comes with detachable cables | Male Life Click


The EN700 Pro renders its midrange pretty smoothly. 

Its slight tilt on the warm side lends weight to male vocals and adds a sort of richness to tracks like Conro’s “luv drunk”. 

That said, I wasn’t a fan of how it would render higher registers. Female vocals like that of Angele in “Perdus” were rendered rather harshly despite her naturally silky timbre. 

The same goes for Billie Eilish in “idontwannabeyouanymore” – somehow the EN700 Pro adds an unusual roughness to her otherwise clear, ice-cold vocals.


For any earphone that has a V-shaped sound signature, it’s reasonable to expect treble to be bright and in your face. 

The EN700 Pro is no different, with a crisp and bright top end that counters the bass well enough to maintain a sense of balance.

Despite this, the EN700 Pro’s treble has a noticeably sharp and grating spike around the 8kHz mark – a part a lot of audio reviews will refer to as “sibilance”. This is especially evident in songs like “Voyage” by Secrets of Kaplan that don’t quite pare back the vocalist’s “ss” sounds at around 8 kHz.

This is where the bass ear tips shine for my tastes, as it tempers the top end just enough for the treble to be tolerable.


For an earphone of this class, the EN700 Pro offers a fairly spacious soundstage that doesn’t disappoint.

Daft Punk’s “Give Life Back to Music” is a solid example of this in action, with the drums, in particular, sounding like they’re reverberating in your headspace.

To be clear, the perception of space in an earphone is nothing like that of headphones, but in its class, it’s definitely better than most.

Premium Leatherette carry case | Make Life Click


The EN700 Pro retails for $149 as per Simgot’s official store. 

Given the kind of money you’re shelling out for them, the premium design and presentation of these earphones ensure that they at least look the part. 

However, their V-shaped sound is not something I would shell out that kind of money for considering other options in its price range. 

At a price like this, I’d rather buy earphones that were closer to a more “reference” sound that will prove useful to me for both listening and making music. The MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 is a good example.

SIMGOT EN700 PRO High Fidelity in-Ear Monitor Headphones with Detachable Cable, Sound Stereo IEM Earphones with Dynamic Balanced Driver, HiFi Earbuds Noise-Isolating Musician Headphones (Red/Blue)


The Simgot EN700 Pro is a beautiful pair of earphones that have honed the EN700 sound to its arguable peak – a rich V-shaped signature that’s exciting but doesn’t go overboard on most fronts.

While it still has its flaws to my ears, they’re more than capable of rendering most music well for most listeners. 

I’m confident they will serve as a reliable, lasting pair for the average person looking for some good bass to hear and feel.

SIMGOT EN700 Pro Design
Value for Money
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