Nexus Audio Technologies: A New Era of Audio Industry Sales and Marketing

Nexus Audio Technologies

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The marketing department of the audio industry has been getting pretty stale. Well, a HiFi industry veteran Walter Schofield decided to change that. 

He just created a new audio industry sales and marketing company, which goes by Nexus Audio Technologies. But how will the HiFi industry veteran change things in the current audio market? 

The company has decided to work with a select group of independent high-end HiFi brands in the coming days. That includes Infigo Audio, Alta Audio, STENHEIM, and Primare. 

Nexus Audio Technologies
Titanium Hestia; Source: Alta Audio

These brands will work together by capitalizing on Walter’s extensive experience working on behalf of audio designers and manufacturers.

Most importantly, Walter Schofield worked with the top players who represent the best of what the HiFi and Home Cinema market has to offer. So, you can tell that Schofield, the President of Nexus Audio Technologies, has a lot to bring to the table.

According to the president, Nexus Audio Technologies came up to “bring audiophile-grade, exquisitely designed speakers and electronics to high-net-worth consumers ready to invest in whatever it takes to satisfy their passion for music and home theatre systems.”

Nexus Audio Technologies
Source: Infigo Audio

Schofield shares that he established Nexus after working with growing companies in the traditional audiophile and Luxury lifestyle channels for decades. 

And the important part is that he knows what needs to be done to make the brands achieve the representation for growing sales, awareness, and market penetration in North America.

Nexus Audio Technologies will support all of those brands seeking to grow with a team of exemplary staff. It will also help to make the brands deliver the ultimate product performance.

Nexus Audio Technologies
I15 Prisma MK2; Source: Primare

Furthermore, the team behind the company will take differentiated marketing initiatives that add up to a uniquely strong business proposition for A/V Dealer Partners. Want to know more about the select group of independent high-end HiFi brands

Let’s talk about the brands that the Next Audio Technologies will represent starting this month. The inaugural partner list has Alta Audio. This HiFi brand is led by audio designer Michael Levy.

Alta Audio specializes in speakers that combine its proprietary technology with unparalleled aesthetics. Then, you have Infigo Audio. It is a Canadian-based company that manufactures cables, amplifiers, and DACs. 

Nexus Audio Technologies
Reference Ultime Two; Source: Stenheim

Moreover, the list includes Primare AB, a Swedish-based company. Primare designs and manufactures Scandinavian-designed multichannel components.

Finally, there is STENHEIM Suisse SA. A Switzerland-based company that specializes in high-end loudspeakers.

Nexus Audio Technologies also has Adam Sohmer. As a North American Brand Manager, he will oversee the marketing and sales programs for all four brands in Canada and the USA. That includes all the press relations, social media, materials development, and more.

Overall, this audio industry sales and marketing company has great potential. And we will definitely be able to witness its great capabilities pretty soon.

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