Solid-Sounds HEX3 Speaker to Launch At North West Audio Show 2023

Solid-Sounds HEX3 Speaker

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The Solid-Sounds HEX3 speaker is going to be officially unveiled at the North West Audio Show 2023. Planned for 17th and 18th June of 2023, the event will showcase all the British HiFi brand offers with their latest open baffle speaker.

According to Solid-Sounds, the HEX3 is for those “that want to hear the music, not the box.” That statement gives you a rough idea of what the British HiFi brand has in store with their new open baffle speaker.

It comes with a unique design, which does not only make it look eye-catching but also highly room friendly. Moreover, Solid-Sounds has also opted for this design to enhance the audio performance.

Solid-Sounds HEX3 Speaker
Source: HEX3

Paul Knipe says the design of the Solid-Sounds HEX3 is “both unique in looks and sonic performance.” To deliver a unique sonic performance, Solid-Sounds has utilized a three-way open baffle design that comes with a high-quality crossover.

Thanks to utilizing premium components, the Solid-Sounds HEX3 delivers an exquisite audio experience. And the high-end build also makes the speaker look one of a kind.

According to Paul, “The HEX3 is offered in a range of finishes and specifications, allowing potential customers the opportunity to create a really unique piece of audiophile art that just happens to sound fabulous too.”

Solid-Sounds HEX3 Speaker
Source: Solid-Sounds

If you are looking for core specs, the Solid-Sounds HEX3 has 15-inch bass drivers. These offer distortion-free bass and make the audio feel like it’s being played by a real instrument. 

Solid-Sounds also says that the visceral and textured nature of the bass will make it hard for you to return to boxy bass.

For the mid-range, HEX3 sports a 7-inch magnesium driver. It can deliver enhanced clarity and deep sound staging.

Solid-Sounds HEX3 Speaker
Source: Solid-Sounds

Solid-Sounds says that the mid-range output will make the listeners instantly engage with the music.

In addition to that, the Solid-Sounds HEX3 features a carefully chosen horn-loaded ribbon tweeter, which creates air and sparkles to enhance the sonic output. 

And the external crossover of the HEX3 uses high-quality components. These make sure that you get the best from the drivers.

Solid-Sounds HEX3 Speaker
Source: Solid-Sounds

On the note of the crossover, Solid-Sounds HEX3 does not hide it. Unlike regular box speakers, you can see the internal components in all their glory. This adds a unique touch to the outlook of the speaker.

Finally, you can tune this floor-standing loudspeaker easily. You just have to make small placement adjustments.

And as the speaker comes with a dipole radiation pattern, side reflections will not be something that you will need to worry about.

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