Sonos Move 2: Is it Launching Sooner Than Expected?

Sonos Move 2

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Sonos launched Move all the back in September 2019. This soundbar started a new era for Sonos, allowing the brand to enter the portable and battery-powered speaker market. 

Throughout these years, that was the only true wireless speaker in the brand’s catalog. So, needless to say, the Sonos Move 2 is a much-awaited speaker now.

However, according to the latest reports, you might not have to wait too long to get yourself the Move 2nd Gen. 

Sonos Move Smart Speaker - top buttons
Sonos Move; Source: Sonos

In fact, Verge states that the Move 2nd Gen could be with us in the second half of 2023. But that is everything the recent reports shared about the speaker.

The Sonos Move 2 will have an “S44” model number attached to the housing. Moreover, it is expected to feature a “similar” design to the original Move. 

To recall, the Sonos Move was 240 mm tall and weighed 3 kg. And the speaker’s shape made the portable speaker look great on different setups.

Sonos Move 2
Sonos Move; Source: Sonos

But the most important thing about it is that the Sonos Move 2 will offer a lot of refinement. The thing is, Sonos has recently launched Era 300 and Era 100, which were pretty radical departures from the models they replaced. 

So, many fans expect to see a complete revamp, which is very unlikely. Nonetheless, the Move 2 is expected to bring simultaneous support for both WiFi and Bluetooth. 

Yes, the original Move has the support for both. But you can use one at a time. The ability to use both at the same time will open more doors for the users.

Sonos Move 2
Sonos Move; Source: Sonos

The Verge also mentioned that the Sonos Move 2 would support USB-C line-in. If that is indeed the case, the USB-C port of the Move 2 will serve a dual purpose, where the secondary purpose would be to charge the device. 

And there will be internal upgrades that will ensure the speaker can offer future software upgrade options.

Besides that, the current Move supports the new S2 and S1 platforms. On the contrary, Sonos Move 2 might offer S2 platform support only. 

Sonos Move 2
Source: Sonos

Moreover, Sonos has clarified that they are totally on board with repairability and sustainability. The brand already sells a first-party battery replacement kit for Move 1st Gen

We expect the story to be the same for the Sonos Move 2. All in all, the Move 2 might not offer a drastic upgrade over the 1st Gen. 

However, it will indeed provide refinements where it counts. Still, you should take all the info here with a grain of salt. After all, they are all leaks.

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