Sonos Pro for Businesses With Stores in Multiple Locations

Sonos Pro for Businesses

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Sonos is expanding into the world of business with its very own Sonos Pro software. At the core, it is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that will let businesses monitor and control music with an easy interface and greater flexibility. 

The offering is suitable for retailers too. So, what does the software have to offer? With it, businesses and retailers can manage the sound being delivered through the sound system in the stores. 

It has a simple dashboard enabling you to remotely manage sound across multiple locations. When it comes to music, the app offers commercially licensed music with personalised support. 

Sonos Pro for Businesses
Source: Sonos

As a new product category, the Sonos Pro has started its journey as a subscription-based offering. It will integrate seamlessly with a business with Sonos hardware, making it easier to fill the spaces with immersive sound.

The remote management capabilities of the Sonos Pro software are well-refined. Among all, you have the web-based dashboard support that will enable you to quickly view and manage the activities across different locations. 

The software also provides access to preset playlist schedules, delegates access to trusted employees, and get quick access to on-demand premium support.

Sonos Pro for Businesses
Source: Sonos

Moreover, the Sonos Pro comes with Sonos Backgrounds, which, in case you didn’t know, is a commercially licensed music service. 

It features a broad range of music from independent artists. Do you not want to rely on the Sonos Backgrounds? 

You will not have to, as the software has support for third-party streaming services. That includes Soundtrack Your Brand, Mood Mix, and Rockbot. With those, you can create a consistent brand experience throughout every store. 

Sonos Pro for Businesses
Source: Sonos

According to Sonos, the Sonos Pro will offer businesses the option to outfit each of the stores with fewer compact speakers.

You can also choose a mix of smart speakers and compatible components across different locations. 

And as all the Sonos product is directly compatible with the software, making the speakers work seamlessly will not be an issue.

Sonos Pro for Businesses
Source: Sonos

Moreover, you will have the flexibility of adding more speakers to your stores. Afterwards, you can adjust the subscription plan of the SaaS as needed. 

The CEO of Sonos, Patrick Spence, says, “As consumers return to brick-and-mortar, retail stores and restaurants are leveraging music, visuals and scents to create a sensory in-store experience that builds an emotional connection with customers.”

The CEO further states that the Sonos Pro came to be after testing hundreds of business locations to better understand the requirements of the businesses and the complexities of commercial audio. For that reason, the software aims nothing but to offer a simple solution that just works.

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