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Majority Quadriga

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Majority, a Cambridge-based audio brand, has just unveiled two new connected music systems. Named the Bard and Quadriga, these two streaming devices have high-end features without high-end price tags.

Among the two, Bard has a relatively small form factor. But do not let the size fool you because that streaming device has a lot of advanced tech under the hood. 

To be exact, it is more feature-packed than most streaming devices with the same price tag. One of the key highlights of the Majority Bard is that it comes with two 4-inch drivers and a 5-inch internal subwoofer. 

Majority Quadriga
Quadriga; Source: Majority

According to the brand, the output power is 100W, which gives a rough idea of the device’s power. But if you can’t imagine its power, Majority claims that the 2.1-channel system can deliver deeper bass with crisp and clear audio output. 

The Bard also comes with Spotify Connect, FM tuners, internet radio, DAB, and DAB+. Do you not want to rely on these? 

You have the option to connect it with Bluetooth-enabled devices. You will find a TFT display on the front of the Bard that can output full-color texts. 

Majority Quadriga
Quadriga; Source: Majority

Controlling the device will be easy as it comes with a dedicated remote that lets you play, pause, and skip tracks with a tap of a button.

Moving on, the second streamer that Majority unveiled is a bit large in size. Named Quadriga, the steamer can play internet radio, podcasts, and DAB+

In addition, it has built-in Spotify Connect. Most importantly, it packs a dedicated CD player to bring your old CD collection to life. Want to play music through local storage instead? 

Majority Bard
Bard; Source: Majority

The Majority Quadriga has a USB port, allowing you to connect to USB storage devices. Furthermore, the Quadriga offers access to 250 thousand-plus global radio stations. 

And to listen to them, you can use the 40 presets that are saved within the device. Wondering what’s inside the Majority Quadriga? 

It packs two 4-inch speaker drivers that are paired with a 6-inch subwoofer. According to the reviews, the audio output power rating is 120W. So, you can expect to get a room-filling level of sound out of it.

Majority Bard
Bard; Source: Majority

The brand went further and stated that the 2.1-channel system is fully capable of delivering a “deeper bass while maintaining clean and crisp audio.” 

Now, as the Quadriga is large in size, it naturally comes with a large-sized TFT display. That should let you easily monitor the playback. You have RCA line-level input, aux, and digital optical inputs when it comes to physical connections.

Majority has integrated a Bluetooth 5.0 chip inside the Quadriga for the wireless part. And just like the Bard, it comes with a remote control.

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