The Top-Rated ION Audio Pickup is Now 17% More Affordable!

ION Audio Pickup

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Have you never heard about the ION Audio Pickup? In that case, you should first know it is mainly a Bluetooth outdoor speaker

Best Value
ION Audio Pickup

Toss it in your truck bed and bring huge sound with you anywhere!

But do not just think of any average outdoor speaker. Instead, imagine something that’s powerful enough to let you party in a ridiculously large outdoor space. Well, the outdoor speaker is currently on sale. 

It is going for 17% less than the usual price. And with this discount, the Bluetooth speaker’s value proposition is undoubtedly eye-catching. Wondering what exactly makes this deal good?

ION Audio Pickup
Source: ION Audio

As mentioned earlier, the ION Audio Pickup is rated for 100 Watts power output. That automatically states how powerful the speaker system is going to be. 

And it is not just about the power. The outdoor speaker also ensures the quality of the sound. Inside the speaker, you have a wide-dispersion tweeter and a robust woofer. 

Together, these two driver units can offer highly dynamic audio to get you up and dancing anywhere and everywhere.

ION Audio Pickup
Source: ION Audio

Besides that, the ION Audio Pickup has a robust build quality. The overall construction is made of high-quality materials, which makes the housing highly resistant to tough weather conditions and challenging environments. 

The Bluetooth speaker features an IPX4 rating to put the cherry on top. That further enhances the durability level.

Connecting the speaker to Bluetooth-enabled devices will be a hassle-free task. It can make stable and drop-free wireless connections, ensuring you can enjoy nonstop music. 

ION Audio Pickup
Source: ION Audio

Moreover, it has support for NFC, allowing you to pair with devices with just one tap. Do you not have Bluetooth-enabled devices with you? 

There’s no need to worry! The ION Audio Pickup has onboard AM/FM radio. It will let you play music even when your phone is out of charge. 

The built-in display will make landing on the right radio channel easy. And for non-Bluetooth devices, you can utilize the 3.5mm built-in AUX port.

ION Audio Pickup
Source: ION Audio

Although the size of the Bluetooth speaker is relatively large, moving it around will not be a problem. The speaker has a built-in handle and wheels on the bottom. Those will let you easily move the unit from one place to another.

Thanks to the colorful integrated LED strip, you can even set the vibe of the environment right. And as it can offer up to 75 hours of run time with a full battery, one charge will be enough for days’ worth of music listening.

So, the ION Audio Pickup is a great pick as one of the best outdoor speakers. And if you are an outdoor person, you should let this 17% go out of hand.

ION Pickup - 100W Water-Resistant Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker with Rechargeable Battery, Karaoke Microphone, Radio, Wheels, Handle & USB Charging
ION Audio Pickup

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