Soundskrit and AAC Technologies: Introducing MEMS Directional Microphones

Soundskrit and AAC Technologies MEMS Directional Microphones

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The world of audio hardware is evolving at a rapid pace. And some of the cutting-edge hardware the market now offers came from great collaborations. 

Well, the audio market will soon see another hardware such as that, which will result from the partnership between Soundskrit and AAC Technologies.

In case you didn’t know, Soundskrit is a company that offers highly innovative audio hardware and software solutions. 

Soundskrit and AAC Technologies MEMS Directional Microphones
Source: Soundskrit

The brand’s offerings aim to provide products that take the market to a new era of performance. On the other hand, ACC Technologies is a world-leading total solution provider.

Nonetheless, the partnership between Soundskrit and AAC Technologies will bring out directional MEMS microphone technologies. 

And they will all be widely available to end users across the automotive and consumer electronics markets.

Now, what are directional MEMS microphones? In short, they bring the capabilities of traditional microphone arrays into a single device. 

Eventually, you end up with incredibly consistent directionality across the full audible spectrum. And they also offer high directional SNR.

Soundskrit and AAC Technologies MEMS Directional Microphones
Source: Soundskrit

That means, with the MEMS microphone technologies, SoundSkrit and AAC Technologies will offer an ideal solution that can reject undesired background noise. 

They will do that by fully isolating your voice and separating it from the rest of the external noise.

When the MEMS microphone technologies Soundskrit and AAC Technologies are paired with proprietary signal processing, it will enable you to get a new suite of audio-related features. 

And not to mention the technologies will also bring new audio experiences to a wide range of devices. That includes smart speakers, webcams, TVs, health devices, AR/VR, vehicles, and much more. 

As the new technology rethinks how audio systems are built, it will unlock new and better ways to communicate and experience audio.

Soundskrit has commanding expertise in spatial audio processing, acoustic design, and MEMS. Combined with the dominant portfolio of sensing and audio system solutions of AAC Technologies, the new technology of the Soundskrit and AAC Technologies collab is bound to excel.

Soundskrit and AAC Technologies MEMS Directional Microphones
Source: Soundskrit

AAC Technologies is also known for being a market leader in offering state-of-the-art sensing technologies. 

And the team of AAC Technologies will be able to further develop and efficiently integrate Soundskrit technologies to OEM consumer devices globally.

The next generation of audio-based features that the Soundskrit and AAC Technologies collab will bring a unique platform where distractors are suppressed, and the barriers of communication will be pretty much non-existent. 

The world of communication will be more connected, and communication will be much more seamless. And all of these make the new technologies worth waiting for.

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