Spotify TV App Gets Overhauled

Spotify TV app

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If you own a smart TV, you probably have the Spotify TV app installed on it. But in case you don’t, it’s time to check it out.

The streaming service has just updated the app. And with this update, the app got a design overhaul.

But the design overhaul isn’t just about making the Spotify TV app look better. Instead, it’s also about making the experience on the app better for the users who stream music on their smart TVs.

Spotify TV app
Source: Spotify

To be exact, Spotify says that the update aims to make the TV experience similar to what mobile and desktop users get on their devices. As the official announcement says, the update will offer a brand-new home page.

This new home page of the Spotify TV app sports “shortcuts to favorites, recently played audio.” You will also find the Made For You playlist option at the top of the screen.

With this update, Spotify is introducing a Now Playing view on its TV app. This view will let the users control what plays after the current track that’s currently playing.

Spotify TV app
Source: Spotify

Before this, Spotify TV app users didn’t have the option to modify the queue. Instead, the TV app only allowed the users to see what was coming up next. Also, the update brings Dark Mode to the TV app.

Users can enjoy a dimmed screen by activating this mode on the Spotify TV app. The background images will also have an effect on this mode. They will feature a pitch-black display.

Moreover, in the dark mode, the visuals will be tuned down. You will only see the song name, music player controls, the artist name, and an About The Artist section at the bottom.

Spotify TV app
Source: Spotify

The last feature that the new Spotify TV app brings is Account Switching. As the name suggests, it allows family members or friends with access to the app to switch between profiles. This would eventually allow them to enjoy a tailored experience.

To access the Account Switching feature, users can select the profile image that remains at the top of the screen.

Pressing it will bring out options to choose one of the signed-in accounts. If you don’t have more accounts signed in, you can sign into them with this option.

Spotify TV app
Source: Jumpstory

Currently, Spotify is rolling out the update globally to all the Premium and Free users. The new TV app is available on all the “supported Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and media-streaming devices.”

You can find a full list of supported devices on the Spotify Connect Website. If you don’t have the updated Spotify TV app yet, make sure to check for updates.

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