Spotify Desktop App is Getting a Redesign

Spotify desktop app

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Do you use the Spotify desktop app? Well, there is good news for you. The streaming service is redesigning the desktop app to make it closely align with the mobile app. 

In other words, Spotify is working with the UI elements of the desktop app to make it look and feel similar to the mobile version.

Now, the first thought that might come to your mind is that Spotify is ruining the desktop app. After all, the UI redesign of the mobile app back in March drew some negative reviews from some users. 

Spotify desktop app
Source: Spotify

Well, if you are too accustomed to the desktop app, you do not need to worry much, as Spotify will not fully flip the script.

Instead, the Spotify desktop app will only see changes in a couple of things, which will primarily help with organization. There won’t be any TikTok-style feed on the desktop application.

Among the changes, the first thing that the music streaming service will focus on is Your Library. It will have a new home on the left side of the desktop window. This will offer you quick access to the “music and podcast collections.”

Spotify desktop app
Source: Spotify

According to Spotify, the new location of Your Library will make it easier to switch between playlists. In addition, the music service says that it will deliver a “better overview” of the collections.

When it comes to the saved content, you can view them in the standard list. Or, you can switch to a grid arrangement, which will offer bigger thumbnails than usual. 

The Spotify desktop app also enables users to make folders in which they can store numerous playlists. What about the right side of the Spotify desktop app

Spotify desktop app
Source: Jumpstory

Spotify has revamped it by adding a Now Playing view. It will display more playback information than before. 

There are listings for upcoming tour dates, along with merch that you purchase directly from your favorite artists.

And for some podcasts, Spotify will offer transcripts. That will enable people to follow along and get the most out of the podcasts. 

Spotify desktop app
Source: Spotify

Although, the streaming service is yet to announce which podcasts will benefit from this transcript feature.

Furthermore, the streaming giant is moving the Friend Activity feed to the friends icon on the Spotify desktop app. It sits next to your profile picture on the top-right corner of the main screen.

This Spotify desktop app is slowly launching to all desktop users. And it does not matter in which region you are in. You should get it sooner than later. So, keep your eye out on the desktop app if you want to experience the changes by yourself.

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