Steve Mazzaro Decided to commission a New Track for Naim and Bentley

Steve Mazzaro's Decided to commission a New Track for Naim and Bentley

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Bentley and its audio partner Naim collaborated with Steve Mazzaro to create a soundtrack designed to highlight the capabilities of Bentley’s pinnacle in-car audio system.

Steve Mazzaro is a composer and producer whose latest film score credits include Time to Die and Dune. Mazzaro was assigned by Bentley to create a piece of music that would prove the Naim system’s power, clarity, and richness while indicating a musical interpretation of Bentley’s design philosophy, being harmonious, encouraging, and potent. 

Steve Mazzaro's Decided to commission a New Track for Naim and Bentley

Mazzaro’s song “The Extraordinary Journey” intends to highlight the sound potential of Bentley’s flagship sedan, The Flying Spur. Mazzaro’s work is a highlight for Bentley’s Naim audio system, and the Flying Spur is the ideal concert venue for it. The system provides both the frequency range and the power required, with a 2,200-watt amplifier feeding 19 speakers throughout the interior and two kinaesthetic shakers in the front seats.

Mazzaro’s nearly 10-minute-long track is divided into three chapters that take the listener on a trip through three distinct musical styles constructed around the same basic motif to demonstrate the system. On a base of rising bass and indigenous rhythmic percussion, the first section is propelled by crisp and powerful flamenco guitar and delicate piano, displaying the amplifier’s ability to filter the proper frequency to the ideal speakers.

Steve Mazzaro's Decided to commission a New Track for Naim and Bentley
Composer and producer Steve Mazzaro is the the Hollywood music industry

The second segment is more symphonic, reflecting Mazzaro’s film soundtrack background and emphasizing remarkable harmony across the car’s cabin. Before a softer and calmer part is played on acoustic guitar showcasing the exceptional clarity provided by the Naim option, the grandeur of string instruments comes into focus.

The motif morphs into electronica-driven symphonies of fantastic depth and force until the song reaches its conclusion with extra strings and electric guitar in the third and final section, which fully epitomizes the term ‘potent.’

Steve Mazzaro's Decided to commission a New Track for Naim and Bentley

Mazzaro then enlisted the help of some of the world’s top instrumentalists to bring the music to life. Because in-person recording was not possible due to Covid-19, the musicians did record themselves remotely from all over the world before Mazzaro put their diverse abilities together into one cohesive whole.

So we understand that sound is definitely important to Bentley buyers, as it should be if they are spending up to nearly £150,000 on a vehicle. Naim audio systems are specified by nearly 40% of the brand’s consumers, according to the company. 

Alain Favey, Bentley’s Board Member for Sales, Marketing, and Aftersales, said, “It’s been a wonderful pleasure to work with Steve Mazzaro to compose a piece of music that properly demonstrates the prowess of the system.”

“To me, Bentley means elegance and sophistication, as well as power, speed, and technical intricacy,” Mazzaro stated. “I wanted to take the listeners on a trip, with the notion of a film in the listener’s subconscious mind.” 

‘The Extraordinary Journey’ will be supplied to Bentley’s global retailer network to be used in showrooms and loaded onto Bentley press cars all over the world.

(Image Credit: Bentley)

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