Technics SU-GX70: The Integrated Amplifier That has It All!

Technics SU-GX70

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Your favorite Japanese audio manufacturer has just debuted a new integrated steamer, Technics SU-GX70. The streamer stick with the brand’s motto, which is to output a high-end music listening experience without making any sacrifices. 

And due to that, the steaming amplifier could be a proper upgrade that your setup needs. Technics will launch the SU-GX70 alongside the new SL-1500C version. 

The latter is an upgrade of the popular direct drive turntable of the brand. Nonetheless, the SU-GX70 is the main highlight of the upcoming launch. 

Technics SU-GX70
Source: Technics

And according to Technics, “the sonic genes of the acclaimed components collection with a wealth of connectivity options.” Basically, the new Technics SU-GX70 will be a landmark for the renowned audio manufacturer.

It will be the first to introduce an advanced connectivity method in the entire range of Technics since the brand’s rebirth, which took place nearly a decade ago. Wondering what the connectivity method might be? 

It will be an HDMI ARC port, but that is not the only highlight of the Technics SU-GX70. The streamer will feature minimalistic aesthetics that will come in silver and black finishes.

Technics SU-GX70
Source: Technics

You will not have trouble blending the unit with any existing setup. But what about the performance? 

Technics SU-GX70 does not back down in that regard. The aim is to deliver “crisp, clear, and sparkling audio.” And to offer that, Technics combined the expertise of Panasonic in video signal treatment handling of the device.

That combination allowed the unit to provide a distortion-free audio experience through a full-digital amplification tech. 

Technics SU-GX70
Source: Technics

The Technics SU-GX70 has support for multiple platforms. You can easily integrate the unit with Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music HD, and Qobuz.

For wireless connectivity, you have AirPlay 2, WiFi, and Bluetooth. In addition, there is support for DAB+, FM, and internet radio. 

So, if you do not have anything to stream with, you can listen to the stations for free. The Technics SU-GX70 even has full support for MQA hi-res audio streaming.

Technics SU-GX70
Source: Technics

Now, when it comes to physical connectivity, the Technics SU-GX70 has two line inputs and three digital inputs. In addition to those, the unit has USB-B and USB-A connections.

Moreover, you have low-noise and high-grade phono equalizer facilities. That will enable you to easily add record players with moving magnet cartridges. For example, the Technics SL-1500C that the SU-GX 70 will debut with.

On that note, the new SL-1500C will see upgrades in pretty much every essential factor. It will also come with a new look, which will make it look good in modern setups. So, if you need a turntable, you should check out the Technics SL-1500C 2023.

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