The Modular P1 Pre-amp and A2700 Power Amp From Elipson: Finally Here!


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Elipson is one of the french HiFi makers that has been gaining a lot of attention lately, especially after the High-End Munich show that happened last month. In that show, the brand unveiled its highly potent pre-amplifier, which will be part of the Reference Series. 

Since then, audio enthusiasts have been looking forward to what the P1 can bring to the table. And the good news is that the pre-amp finally landed on the official stores!

According to the HiFi maker, the P1 comes with a “completely balanced design,” and it comes with a bespoke power supply that will make the OLED display, microcontroller, and switching relays operate smoothly. 

Source: Elipson

The design, along with the power supply, will make the preamp offer sound with a minimal level of noise. That will eventually make the users enjoy “the highest levels of music playback.”

But what is the ‘modular’ thing about the pre-amp? Well, it dictates that the users can easily upgrade the unit if they want to. In other words, you can just grab the all-analog P1 and integrate a separate ESS Sabre without facing any issues. 

Alternatively, you can integrate an MM/MC phono stage with the pre-amp if you want to. Basically, you can modify the unit according to your liking. Now, if you do not want to go through the manual upgrades, you can just get the P1F. 

Source: Elipson

That comes with a fully-loaded phono stage and DAC. But, it will be more costly than the other versions. However, the P1 is not the only thing that Elipson debuted with. The brand even launched A2700, which is the matching power amplifier that you can integrate with P1 seamlessly. 

Just like the Elipson P1, the power amp also emphasizes lowering the overall noise. It comes with Class D outputs, which are rated at 400 watts at over 8 ohms in the stereo mode. 

And in the mono mode, it is rated for 1400 watts under 8 ohms. That means it will be an issue for you to drive most of the power-hungry speakers with the power amplifier.

Furthermore, the A2700 also comes with proprietary cooling features. The tech it integrates will prevent “thermal runaway,” which is a fancy term that states excessive heat cycle. 

Source: Elipson

Eventually, the cooling tech will ensure that you get the maximum overall performance and “stunning control” over the sound. In fact, Elipson even went ahead and stated that the level of finesse would be comparable to a live concert.

Overall, the French duo is coming pretty strong. And if you get the units together, you should be capable of creating a proper high-end stereo setup that will blow you away with sound quality and overall audio-listening experience. 

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