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Playing games is one of the best time pass activities that you can think of. Video games have been such an essential part of the lives of children who grew up in the late 20th and 21st centuries. Games can be of any genre – FPS, RTS, MOBA, open world, puzzle, etc. These days, it becomes easier for people to find the type of video game they want to play.

However, video games have become prettyṣ expensive. Therefore, many websites can be found on Google that help gamers lay video games for free. While they will not allow you to play AAA games, there are still lots of games to play on these sites.

Therefore, if you are interested in playing these games, read on. Here, you will learn about ten different free-to-play gaming websites that you can access from your computer browser right now.

Best Free Gaming Websites

The best websites for playing free video games are:

1. Free Online Games

If you want to play video games created by independent developers, then you can do so from FOG (Free Online Games). This website has a huge assortment of small, casual, browser-friendly games that are created by indie developers from all around the world. 

You will find mostly action-oriented video games here. However, you can also find many racing, puzzle, and strategy games here too.

2. Miniclip

If you want to play games that are a bit more than flash games or casual games, then visit Miniclip. Here, you will get to play an assortment of games that are a bit more on the “hardcore” side of gaming. These include various high-octane action games and even strategy games that make you think thrice before your turn comes. 

3. Yandex Games

If you want to play almost every casual and multiplayer game available on Android’s Google Play Store, then you must try out Yandex Games. These Russian websites host almost all the games that are available on the Google PlayStore. 

You will get various types of video games here, like Among Us, Minecraft, Uno, Swamp Attack, and lots more. You can play these games directly on your browser simply by going to the website. You do not need to download any games or files to start playing games here. 

4. Cartoon Network

All college graduates born in the 1990s know what Cartoon Network is. It is by far one of the best cartoon channels for kids, being more popular during the first half of the 2000s. 

However, did you know that it has a website from where you can play various games based on the cartoon show for free? The best thing is that apart from these games making you nostalgic, they are also free to play. 

5. Big Fish Games

Unlike other free gaming websites on this list, playing games on Big Fish Games is a tad bit different. Here, you first have to create an account to start playing any of the games on this website. All you need to do is to provide your email ID and give a password to set up your free account.

Best Free Gaming Websites
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6. Addicting Games

If you want to play single-player games, then addicting games can be your best bet. Here, you will find many games that are easy to play and have fewer sizes. This makes the game’s file size to be smaller for easier downloads.

Here, you will see various types of ads before and while playing video games. You can choose to skip these ads by upgrading your account to a paid version. Based on a monthly subscription plan, doing so will allow you to play these amazing games for free without any ads.

7. Kongregate

Did you think there was no need for a mobile app for any of these websites? This is what makes Kongregate different from the other gaming websites on this list. Here, you need to create a free account to start playing the games. 

However, you will be able to play on your browser only if you are playing from a computer. If you wish to play from a mobile, then you will need to download its android/iOS application first.

8. Play Retro Games

Do you remember playing old classic games like Mario, Contra, and more back when you were a child? Now you can play them all again with the help of PlayRetroGames. This website allows you to play various retro games from the 80s, like Mario, on your desktop and mobile phone for free.

However, it proves to be much more than that. You can also download the application and even get controller support if you want.

9. Arkadium

One of the newer websites on this list, this free gaming website allows you to play lots of card games and puzzle games. Therefore, expect to see games like Uno, Solitaire, Poker, Blackjack, 29, rummy, and lots more by simply opening the site of Arkadium. 

10. A-Game

If you want to play casual games on your desktop as well as your PC, you must go to A game. This free gaming website is filled with lots of games that are meant for gamers on the go. It is possible to play on the go because many of these games are casual games that you can play from your smartphone browser anytime you want to.

You still have the option to play the games for free without any ads. However, you can subscribe to a premium account and get access to all these games and play them without seeing different ads in between. 


If you are interested in playing various free games on your PC or smartphone, then you can visit any of these free gaming websites.

In some of them, you need to create a free account by registering with your email ID and setting up a password for your account. After you are done with the registration process, then you can easily play any of the games you want from these websites – all for free.

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