Ugreen’s New HiTune T3 Earbuds are Now Available for Global Music Lovers

Ugreen’s New HiTune T3 Earbuds are Now Available for Global Music Lovers

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How irritating is it to be wearing headphones and turning up the volume only to hear the obnoxious buzzing of automobiles on the street or people conversing next to you on the subway? The all-new Ugreen HiTune T3 wireless earbuds can put an end to it!

New Release
UGREEN HiTune T3 Wireless Earbuds

An intelligent AI algorithm extracts your voice for 90% less external noise during phone calls and pick up your voice for outstanding clarity, ideal for calls, face time, online meetings.

After getting great feedback in the UK market, consumer electronics startup Ugreen has confirmed the global release of the HiTune T3 true wireless ANC earphones.

Ugreen declared the global launch of the HiTune T3 true wireless ANC earbuds on May 2, 2022.

The T3 earphones were tested in the UK market prior to their international launch and got favorable feedback. 

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Ugreen’s New HiTune T3 Earbuds are Now Available for Global Music Lovers
Image Credit: Ugreen

Ugreen will introduce a second color choice for the T3 earbuds for the international launch. The earphones were previously only available in white, but they will now be available in black as well.

The T3 earbuds in black will have the same elegant design and high-quality audio as the white version.

The 10mm PU+Wool composite dynamic drivers in the T3 earphones deliver punchy and dramatic bass without compromising mid and high tones. 

That is how the UGREEN T3 Wireless Earbuds, powered by a 10mm pu+wool composite driver unit, deliver powerfully and quality bass with high-resolution treble and a larger soundstage. While listening to music or viewing movies, T3 Bluetooth earphones provide a superb musical experience.

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Ugreen’s New HiTune T3 Earbuds are Now Available for Global Music Lovers
Image Credit: Ugreen

They also have feed-forward ANC, which may lower ambient noise by 25 decibels. The HiTune Acoustics Lab developed this patented system. Because the ANC does not cause inner ear pressure, listeners can enjoy their music for hours.

The T3 Bluetooth Earphones are equipped with the latest BES2500 chip and Bluetooth 5.2 to provide faster transmission and pairing, as well as a battery life of up to 7 hours for a single charge and up to 24 hours with the charging case.

The Real Voice 4.0 ambient noise-canceling system is also included in the T3 earphones, which efficiently filters out 90% of external noise.

So, UGREEN Hitune T3 wireless Bluetooth earbuds with feed-forward and microphones that reduce low-frequency noise by up to 25dB, allowing you to listen to music while at the gym or on your commute. 

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Ugreen’s New HiTune T3 Earbuds are Now Available for Global Music Lovers
Image Credit: Ugreen

Through the mics, transparency mode gathers up and enhances the ambient sound. Without taking off the HiTune T3 active noise-canceling true wireless earphones, you can hear an important announcement. You do not appear to notice that you are wearing earbuds.

The IPX5 waterproof rating of the Ugreen HiTune T3 headphones is also worth noting. You do not have to stop listening to your favorite music just because it is raining.

On Amazon and Amazon UK, the Ugreen HiTune T3 Earbuds are £35.99/$35.99, while on the Ugreen website, they are £39.99/$39.99.

Great earbuds, especially at this price point, are rare to come by. So get your hands on the Ugreen HiTune T3 earbuds right now!

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