What Does Your Ideal Home Theatre Look Like? 

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Who doesn’t love a good home theatre system? Going to the movies sure sounds exciting, but the comfort of your house coupled with a banging home theatre room set-up is unmatched. No matter how big or small your room is, there is always an ideal set-up for it sitting somewhere, ready to be yours! 

Home theatre living room ideas are unending and very, very tempting. A home theatre is a kind of like your safe space at home, an escape from reality whenever you need it. Apart from that, it is a truly magnificent technology to own and better your house. 

A home theatre doesn’t just provide you with better sound, it provides you with a better lifestyle. Imagine having a date night or a family movie session at home, enjoying theatre-like feels, from the comfort of your own house. 

Your favourite couch that might just have your butt indentation on it, your own personal bathroom to use instead of a public restroom, and a device that provides surround sound that sends you back to the theatres without putting in the effort of actually going there. 

Answer this question: ‘What are the best house parties you have been to?’ 

You could get food and drinks from anywhere, but the vibe. The vibe needs to be immaculate. If you find yourself going through a timeline of your favorite house parties and the first great thing that occurs to you about those parties is the music and the dancing, you’ve found your answer. 

A party is nothing without banging music. However, while the song may be really good, the sound system might not. There is a big difference between playing music on a TV or a small speaker and playing some music in the home theatre. 

Home theatres provide you with different modes like cinematic, music, night, standard, and so many more. You will be blown to find out how music can completely change the mood of the hour by just being played from a different device! 

Let’s discuss the ideal home theatre setup. 

Choosing the right room for your set-up: 

Since you’re going to have your device installed in a place where you carry out most of your activities, it’s best to establish that room and get ready to install the perfect home theatre. Now, it may be difficult to decide between the basement, living room or even your bedroom. 

You might be lucky enough to have more than one living room so that one can become a dedicated media room.

If you are used to unwinding in the living room after a long day, maybe the living room is your answer. But if you resort to your bedroom and chill there while watching videos, listening to music, and playing games, then your bedroom is definitely the better choice. 

Taking care of all the noise coming from outside that can interrupt your home theatre experience: 

 Yes, your home theatre will be loud enough to drown out all the noises that may interrupt your experience but that does not mean you should be listening to any audio with such high volume. It’s extremely unhealthy in the long run. 

You want to maintain the standard volume as you go about your activities. If you live on a busy street that exposes you to traffic noise or any kind of noise in the neighborhood, you will need to make sure that your home theatre is complemented with a setup that enhances the features of your device.

Here are a few things you can do to make it better: 

  • If you have windows in your room which is very probable, use a thick glass for your window. You could use soundproof glass for your windows but if you wish to not make this extra expense and continue with your initial windows, you can invest in a thicker curtain. This will make it difficult for any sound from outside to penetrate through. 
  • You can also be interrupted by sounds in your own house coming from different rooms, especially if you live with your family or a flatmate. Your best bet is to install a solid door if you don’t already have that. This will block all noise from outside. 
  • You can make your room soundproof with a simple addition to your room. No, you need not go through a hectic and time-consuming process for this. All you need to do is use drywall for your room or use sound-proofing wallboard/drywall to get things damped down. 
Remote being held up in front of a TV with movie collection on the screen
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Build a proper A/V Component Rack: 

The audio-visual rack also knows the A/V rack is the central point for all your course components.

To understand this concept better if you’re someone who does not understand technology well, then imagine this to be the central part of the device’s brain that is responsible for controlling all the activities that involve entertainment in the movie room. 

If you’re wondering what source components are; these components include devices like your Blu-Ray Player, set-top box, gaming console (PS4 or PS5), cable box, media streaming box, etc. All these components are controlled by the A/V component rack.

For an A/V rack to function effectively, you might need an Ethernet source wire that can provide you with an unbroken connection. To achieve that, place your A/V component rack near an electrical outlet. 

Provide Adequate Ventilation For Your A/V Rack: 

Since the A/V rack is the central point for all your other source components, it is crucial for it to have adequate ventilation. This is recommended because all devices create heat and too much heat can damage the devices that are connected. You can buy an A/V metal rack with an open behind for good ventilation. 

Design your ideal home theatre experience: 

The main question here is what do you prefer? There are many kinds of setups that you can choose from.

Some people like velvet flooring, different seating arrangements, recliner chairs, etc.

Some people prefer a rather cosy setting like dim lights, a comfy bed, or different neon lights. The choice is yours.

The next most important thing to create a healthy home theatre experience is to place your screen and speaker at the right distance. Your home theatre installer can help you with this. 

Always make sure that no matter what kind of a system you have, whether it’s a Panasonic home theatre system or a Denon home theatre system, maintenance is key so that you face no disappointing issues when you’re all set for a chill session of bingeing.

Happy movie watching and we hope that this article helps you create your own at-home cinematic experience.

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