Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK: The Preamplifier That has It all

Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK

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Vincent Audio has some good news for audiophiles in the USA that is the Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK is now available for purchase. 

And if you don’t want to miss out on all that it offers, you can order one for yourself right away. The Premamplifer is now currently distributed by Pangea Audio. But what exactly does the preamp have to offer?

At the core, the SA-T7 MK is a direct upgrade of the SA-T7 preamplifier. In fact, it is a better version of the SA-T7 in almost all the factors. Vincent Audio has listened to all the fans wanted from the previous preamp and integrated it into the MK version.

Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK
Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK; Source: Vincent Audio

The Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK has the same audiophile-grade circuitry on the inside. It even delivers the same high-grade sound quality as its predecessor. 

However, there are many upgrades, starting with a built-in Bluetooth receiver. To be exact, it comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, offering a stable connection and great wireless audio quality. 

According to the Director of Global Sales at Pangea Audio, Steve Niemi, “The SA-T7 was one of Vincent Audio’s most popular preamps. And, with the addition of Bluetooth, the updated version will handle nearly any source imaginable.”

Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK
Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK; Source: Vincent Audio

Besides that, the Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK comes in two different color options, black and silver. Both of them feature a high-end build, meaning they will look great in your setup.

That said, the original circuitry gives the most in the MK version. Vincent Audio has combined it with linear amplification that has low-noise characteristics. 

There’s also a BestPentode-circuit that Vincent Audio designed to lower the electrical current noise associated with the pentode tubes.

Vincent Audio SA-T7
Vincent Audio SA-T7; Source: Vincent Audio

The Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK can offer a higher gain with less noise with the BestPentod stage. Among the tubes, the notable ones are 85A2, 6SCH9P, and 6SCH51P grid pentodes. 

They do a proper job of amplifying high-frequency signals. You will be pretty amazed by the formats the Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK supports. Audiophiles can enjoy WAV, FLAC, APE, LPCM, MP3, AAC, AC3, and WMA music files without any compatibility issues.

The story is the same for connectivity. There are six RCA-type connections, one coax digital connection, and one Toslink optical digital connection. 

Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK
Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK; Source: Vincent Audio

And under the hood, you have PCM 5100-based DAC, which can provide smooth 24-bit/192 kHz performance. Vincent Audio accomplished pure audio transmission through low-noise power couplings of the BestPentod stage. 

The brand came up with a proprietary module for it, which is Vimala. It is a Sanskrit term that translates to “pure, transparent, clear.”

Finally, the front panel of the Vincent Audio SA-T7 MK saw some cosmetic upgrades. It now offers a much more modern look.

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