Vincent Audio SV-237 MK II: A Proper Upgrade to the Predecessor?

Vincent Audio

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The Vincent Audio SV-237 was a big hit, according to the fans, but the hybrid integrated amplifier missed some of the spots, which could have made it gain much bigger success. 

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The best of both worlds is provided in terms of sound quality. Warm and smooth tube sound combines with transistor dynamics and power.

Vincent Audio realized that, which is why they have just announced an upgraded version of the AMP. Regarding naming, the upgraded version will be called Vincent Audio SV-237 MK II. It features the same old hybrid design of the original, a blend of solid-state sections and tubes. 

The power rating of the new SV-237 MK II is  2 x  250 watts at 4 Ohm and 2 x 150 watts at 8 Ohm. Both power specifications are enough to power two pairs of powerful speakers.

Vincent Audio
Source: Vincent Audio

Now, the main upgrade to the Vincent Audio SV-237 MKII is the Bluetooth chip. It will also come with Bluetooth 5.0. 

That will let the user’s wireless stream hi-res audio files through the integrated amplifier. As it is a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, you will not even have to worry about the strength of the connection. There will be a minimal level of drops and hiccups at a relatively close range.

There is an upgrade to the front panel of the new SV-237. Although it is more of a cosmetic upgrade, it properly makes the new hybrid amplifier look sleek and classic. 

Vincent Audio
Source: Vincent Audio

However, it still resembles the other models in the lineup of Vincent Audio. That means it will go with your setup pretty well if you have other Vincent Audio devices.

On that note, the Vincent Audio SV-237 MKII comes in black and silver colorways. Both of them have the premium finish that Vincent Audio is well-known for. In other words, your setup will not fail to look exquisite when you add the new hybrid amplifier to your setup.

Furthermore, the Vincent Audio SV-237 MK II will offer 10 watts in pure ‘Class A’ mode. The DAC that it integrates will handle all of the latest high-res streaming formats, which include APE, FLAC, WAV, LPCM, and others. 

Vincent Audio
Source: Vincent Audio

Due to how capable the DAC is, all of the audio you will stream through this hybrid amp will sound crisp and full of depth. You will sign up for an enhanced audio-listening experience by getting the SV-237 MK II.

When it comes to the input, you will find two digital and three analog ports. The digital ports connect to a Burr-Brown 5102 DAC, which is designed to bring the best out of the compact discs along with the other hi-res formats.

The input impedance of the new SV-237 MK II is 47 kOhm, and the sensitivity sits comfortably at 300 mV.

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