Bryston BP-19 Analog PreAmp Recently Announced

Bryston BP-19

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If you’re looking for an ultra-high-performance analog preamp, the Bryston BP-19 might be the answer. Bryston has just recently announced it, and it’s the result of years of R&D and multiple design innovations.

The handcrafted analog preamp utilizes an oversized toroidal power transformer to reproduce music. Its input array consists of four pairs of RCA input connectors and two pairs of balanced XLR jacks.

For the output, there are two pairs of balanced XLR ports and two pairs of RCA ports. One of the pairs for each port is fixed, while the other is variable.

Bryston BP-19
Source: Bryston; BP-26

Thanks to this highly versatile port configuration, you can easily hook this up with your current setup.

But what’s more important is that the Bryston BP-19 comes with a moving magnet phono stage circuit. This is the first time Bryston is offering such a configuration for its product range.

This onboard circuit option, paired with other quality components, makes the Bryston BP-19 capable of offering a detail-rich and accurate sound performance. But that’s not all.

Bryston BP-19
Source: Bryston; BR-20

The analog preamplifier can also deliver audio with extremely low noise and little to no distortion. Also, the preamp offers headroom margins that are more than enough to prevent overload from any phono source.

With the Bryston BP-19, Bryston is offering custom-made, specially designed outboard step-up transformers. They can accommodate low output Moving Coil cartridges.

There’ll be no need to go through any hassles to control the Bryston BP-19. It comes with an infrared remote, which lets you get total control over the playback. Each of the six inputs has buttons on the remote.

Bryston BP-19
Source: Bryston; BR-20

Don’t want to use the remote? There’re corresponding buttons on the front panel of the preamplifier as well. Own a universal remote? There’re HEX codes available for the device, letting you use the remote of your choice.

In addition, the Bryston BP-19 can be controlled through an IP or RS232 connected to a smart home ecosystem. You can use the RS232 or ethernet ports that are in the back of the panel for that.

Moreover, it’s possible to remotely turn on the BP-19 or place it on standby with the remote. And you can utilize the trigger inputs to turn the connected equipment on and off. These features will make the whole setup feel seamless.

Bryston BP-19
Source: Bryston; BR-20

When it comes to aesthetics, the Bryston BP-19 is currently available in five different faceplate finishes. They come in 19-inch and 17-inch widths. The 19-inch rack mount is also available, letting you easily use the preamp for professional applications.

Want a customized look? Bryston offers personalized faceplate colors for the BP-19. So, it’ll not be hard for you to make the analog preamp blend perfectly with your existing setup.

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