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Cambridge Audio x DeLorean: The “Innovative” In-car Audio System

Cambridge Audio

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Cambridge Audio, the historic British HiFi manufacturer, plans to go full into the automotive audio ring by teaming up with the iconic car brand DeLorean. The collab of the Cambridge Audio and DeLorean car brand is mainly for an in-car sound system that is yet to be revealed.

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Basically, the Alpha 5 electric vehicle from DeLorean is getting the full sonic expertise of Cambridge Audio from this collab. 

The collab is primarily inspired by the 40 years of heritage of the car company. But what exactly is this car brand? You will probably know the brand from its starring role in the Back to the Future franchise.

Cambridge Audio
Source: DeLorean

But the thing is, there are no shortages of manufacturers pairing up with high-end audio brands. Sonos had teamed up with Audi, and Bowers and Wilkins had paired up with BMW.

So, what exactly is making this collab between Cambridge Audio and DeLorean stand out?

The bad news is that there are no details regarding the Cambridge system that will soon be in the DeLorean Alpha 5. All that people know is about the Alpha 5 car. It is an all-wheel electric drive vehicle that features the signature gullwing doors of DeLorean.

Cambridge Audio
Source: Cambridge Audio

The 2+2 car also comes with three-layered tail lights and rear louvres. And the most exciting part of the car is that it is projected to get a top speed of 155 mph. In other words, the DeLorean Alpha 5 is getting head to head with Tesla Model X.

Nonetheless, the Chief Marketing Officer of DeLorean is pretty excited about the partnership. Troy Beetz states, “Cambridge Audio has spent over five decades creating exceptional sound by developing world-class audio. It’s through their passion, craftsmanship and innovation that they continue to lead the industry in hi-fi products and technology.” 

Troy added, “Our partnership brings together two pioneering companies to make one singular experience for drivers.”

That said, there is good news if you are looking forward to this “innovative” in-car system. The Alpha 5 has already been unveiled during Monterey Car Week. It started on August 12.

Cambridge Audio
Source: Cambridge Audio

During the Car Week event, the guests are allowed to sample the sounds of several Cambridge Audio products. So, it is highly likely that new information regarding the “innovative” in-car system will soon be out.

So, if you are keen to have a close-up look at the DeLorean Alpha 5 and the in-car system, you still have the chance. The Monterey Car Week will continue till August 21. So, give the event a visit if you are around!

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