Connect Your Device to Your Home Theater Via Bluetooth

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In the present day, one of the most unused features of our devices is Bluetooth. Sometimes people just get tired of all the wires. You may want to listen to your favorite music sitting on your comfy couch while your device is still in your hand.

In a situation like this Bluetooth can become a very useful feature to use. 

How to make it work? Just follow these steps.

Determine If Your Home Theater Has Bluetooth

Most of the present-day home theater AV (audio/visual) systems have Bluetooth modules built into the system. Some come with a special receiver as well.

But don’t worry if your system doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth capability. You can still be able to connect your device to your home theatre via Bluetooth with a Bluetooth Adapter.

Connect your  Bluetooth Adapter to your home theater’s AV system. It will generate a wireless signal that can be captured by your devices.

Best Value
Harman Kardon BTA-10 Bluetooth Adapter

The Harmon Kardon external bluetooth adaptor offers all you need to use Bluetooth to stream to your home hifi system. Offering connections to mutliple bluetooth devices and Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR with A2DP. You can get connected and get listening faster.

Discovering The Bluetooth Signal 

If your Home theater system has built-in Bluetooth capability, it will usually have a pairing button that will activate the discovery mode for your devices. 

But If your home theater system doesn’t come with the built-in Bluetooth capability and if you have already installed a Bluetooth Adapter, activate pairing by pressing the pair button on the adapter. It may give you some kind of signal when the discovering mode is turned on.

For example: On the Harmon Kardon adapter when it is on discover mode there is a light that flashes.

Check if there is any other device connected to your system. If yes, then disconnect any other device that is connected to your Home Theater via Bluetooth. 

Pairing Your Device To Your Home Theater 

Turn on the Bluetooth from your device setting. It should automatically discover the system or adapter’s Bluetooth signal.  Tap the name to pair your device to the signal. 

Sometimes your device may prompt for a PIN code to be added before your device can be successfully paired with your Home Theater system. If that happens, lookup for the PIN code of your Home Theater’s Bluetooth or the adapter and type the code into the device prompt.

If you do this perfectly your device will be successfully paired to your home theater system. Now your setup has been completed, enjoy the music in your Home Theatre.

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