Devialet Mania: A High-End Portable Speaker that Offers High-End Sound

Devialet Mania

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The audio market is flooding with cheap and low-end portable speakers. And it seems like Devialet has had enough of it. That is why it has just brought out a high-end portable speaker that not only looks high-end but also offers high-end performance.

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Devialet had one primary goal for the Mania. The team wanted to make a high-end speaker that would meet the luxurious needs of audio enthusiasts. And the good news is that the team has succeeded in offering that.

The CEO of Devialet, Franck Lebouchard, stated, “We are entering a new market with this portable speaker.” 

Devialet Mania
Source: Devialet

But what exactly is this “new market”? The thing is, Devialet has been working on the concept of the Mania for about four years. The team wanted to design something that powers with batteries but offers HiFi-quality sound.

The unique thing about the Mania is that it is a spherical speaker with no front or back sides. This unique design might make you think the speaker will be hard to carry around. 

Devialet has put enough emphasis on the portable, which is why the speakers come with a handle on the top. However, do not expect to put the speakers inside your backpack and travel comfortably for prolonged hours. 

Devialet Mania
Source: Devialet

The unit weighs around 5 pounds, but with proper planning, you can definitely travel with it. That said, when you play audio through the speaker, the first thing that you will notice is the unique woofer configuration

The two offers are at a “push-push” config, efficiently eliminating unwanted vibrations. There are four full-range speakers on the top. They are each pointing in a different direction. 

And the full-range speakers can broadcast sound alternatively. In other words, it can circle the sound from the left and right channels. This will ensure that you always enjoy music in a true stereo configuration.

Devialet Mania
Source: Devialet

Other than that, Devialet Mania has four microphones along with an accelerometer. This allows the speaker to detect movement and adjust the sound accordingly. 

For example, it can detect whether you have placed it next to a wall. In that case, it will automatically adjust the front and back sounds of the speakers.

This automatic detection feature with microphones was one of the selling points of HomePod. However, Devialet has more to offer with the feature. 

Devialet Mania
Source: Devialet

To illustrate, the speaker comes with SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology. It will make sure that the sound quality is always top-notch.

The Mania also offers tons of connectivity options. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay 2

Also, the battery can offer up to 10 hours of playtime at the normal volume level. It even comes with Amazon Alexa, which you can disable with a physical slider button if you want to.

Devialet - Phantom I 108dB - High-Fidelity Wireless Speaker - Gold - Implosive Soundstage - Zero Distortion - Bluetooth Speaker
Devialet Phantom I 108dB

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