Yamaha SR-C30A: A Compact Soundbar With a Versatile Subwoofer

Yamaha SR-C30A

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When it comes to making soundbars, Yamaha has more experience than most of the other modern pretenders. It has been making soundbars for a long time! 

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YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar

The compact SR-C20A sound bar easily fits in any space and can be wall-mounted for even more possibilities. Setup is easy with connections for TVs, computers and gaming consoles. Includes Bluetooth streaming.

So, it goes without saying that the brand knows what works and what does not work. Furthermore, the brand also knows exactly what people look for in soundbars.

Therefore, when the brand announced the SR-C30A, many reviewers got excited. But what exactly does the SR-C30A has to offer? The first thing that sets the soundbar apart from the earlier models is the inclusion of subwoofers. The previous models did not have it. 

Yamaha SR-C30A
Source: Yamaha

But, the sound experience with a setup that does not have a subwoofer is not that good and Yamaha recognized that. They have combined a compact soundbar with a dedicated wireless subwoofer on the SR-C30A.

However, the thing about subwoofers is that they can make the entire setup look a little off. This statement becomes more evident when you consider that most of the subwoofers are just black box that needs to be set up vertically. 

Yamaha approached this issue with a subwoofer that can either stand up or lain sideways. The woofer ports to the front, and it seems to fire to the right. So, there will be no need to worry about positioning. 

Yamaha SR-C30A
Source: Yamaha

Now, when you have a great sound setup, you want to put it all on display, right? Yamaha thought about it and has taken a wild approach to the colorways of the SR-C30A. It comes in a gorgeous-looking red color. 

And both the soundbar and woofer look pretty unique with the red color coating. But if red is not your thing, a standard black color option is also available.

On that note, the compact soundbar is 6.4 cm tall and 60 cm wide. These dimensions are perfect for most modern raised TVs. However, the setup is strictly stereo. 

And Yamaha did not put that much effort into making it capable of throwing 3D Sound around the space. The brand only briefly mentioned “Yamaha Original 3D Sound Field Technology.” But even so, that technology is described as “crafting a detailed and lively sound field.”

Yamaha SR-C30A
Source: Yamaha

However, that is not a downside. Yamaha is focusing on offering “True Sound.” By that, the brand is referring to higher clarity, details, and realism. And if fake surround sound was in the equation, the brand could not have stuck with its statement of “True Sound.”

Nonetheless, when it comes to connection ports, there are more than enough. There are all the modern inputs that are available in most of the other soundbars. Alongside that, there is HDMI ARC, which will let you play sound directly from the TV.

Yamaha Audio SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth, Black
YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar

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