Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amp: The Last Piece of the Puzzle for the 3510 Series!

Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amp

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The Exposure 3510 series is now complete as the brand announces the last device for the range. And the new member of the HiFi separates is a brand new pair of mono power amplifiers.

The series launched last year, and it started with 3510 integrated speakers. And just a couple of months ago, the Exposure 3510 pre-amp and power amp combo joined the series. 

And with the 3510 mono power amplifier, the range is now complete. Each of the devices that are on the series shares the same design and technology that are present in the flagship Exposure 5010 series and most importantly, the devices complement each other.

Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amp
Source Exposure HiFi

So, what is so great about the 3510 mono power amp? Firstly, it features the minimalistic design that Exposure is well-known for. Next, there is full aluminum casework, and the device has an extruded front panel. 

The overall design helps the mono power amplifier gain more control over the resonance and stray electromagnetic fields.

When it comes to power, the mono amp can deliver 100 watts of power on each channel at 8 ohms. According to Exposure, this mono power amplifier is well capable of driving the speaker loads that are usually difficult to handle for the other amplifiers.

Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amp
Source: Exposure HiFi

Under the hood, there is a high-capacity power supply circuit. The circuitry features a custom-made toroidal transformer. It even has custom smoothing capacitors. 

This custom design, according to Exposure, “ensures a high current reserve for the output stage with electronic smoothing for low noise on the supply rails to the gain stage.”

The brand also promises greater overall linearity and lowered distortion when the power output is at a high level. Also, the mono amp pair has both unbalanced and balanced inputs. 

Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amp
Source: Exposure HiFi

That means that the devices will be capable of partnering up with a large variety of preamplifiers. In other words, compatibility will not be something that you might need to worry about if you are planning to get one of the mono power amps.

Furthermore, there is an electronic and non-invasive overload protection circuit inside. You will also find a thermal strip, which is there to elongate the lifespan of the amplifiers

Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amp
Source: Exposure HiFi

Let’s not forget to mention the three-year guarantee that the brand is offering. So, in short, there will be no need to stress about the longevity of these devices either.

Wondering when you can pick one up? The mono power amplifiers are available right now! They are available in titanium and black colorways. And the great news is that both of the colors look pretty great!

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