Falcon Acoustics Launches Two New Speakers for its New Range

Falcon Acoustics Launches Two New Speakers

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Did you know that Falcon Acoustics is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of drive units? But they are not really known for just being a supplier of the drive units! 

It is also a renowned audio brand that has audio enthusiast-grade products. You might have even heard some of its limited-edition recreations, such as one of the iconic L3/5A speakers. 

Nonetheless, recently, the team has released two new speakers for the brand’s new ‘M’ range.

Falcon Acoustics Launches Two New Speakers
Studio 20 Bookshelf Speaker; Source: Falcon Acoustics

Falcon Acoustics plans to include five speakers in the ‘M’ range, and it will be complete within the next six months. But for now, you have the range-topping M50 floorstanders and the M10 standmounts.

The M10 comes with a two-way design – it features a 25 millimeters custom soft dome tweeter and 5in Falcon B110 bass unit. This bass unit is basically a replicated version of the driver found in the L3/5A, which is the KEF B110 driver.

On that note, the founder of Falcon Acoustics, Malcolm Jones, designed that KEF B110 driver. He was the chief engineer at KEF back then. That is, the driver was developed back in the 70s.

Falcon Acoustics Launches Two New Speakers
Studio 30 Floorstanding Speaker; Source: Falcon Acoustics

Then, there are the M50 floorstanders. Unlike the M10, the M50 features a three-way design. Another thing that makes the M50 stand out is that it comes with a proprietary bass unit, which is the Falcon B139.

Additionally,  you will find twin Falcon B110 midrange units in the Flacon Acoustics M50 floorstanders. And finally, the M50 comes with the same 25 millimeters soft dome tweeter that is present in the M10.

Both the M10 and M50 feature a vented design, hence, it enhances the overall looks, and considering the fact that the speakers come in a natural walnut veneer finish, they can make your setup look exquisite.

Falcon Acoustics Launches Two New Speakers
BBC LS3/5A; Source: Falcon Acoustics

Now, if you are looking for more exquisiteness, you will be happy to know that a special finish is available for both speakers. 

Also, another design element that you should know is that the speakers come from the same Italian factory that manufactures the Falcon Gold Badge LS3/5A. In other words, Falcon Acoustics did not cut any corners on the design and aesthetics.

According to MD Jerry Blomfield from falcon Acoustics, “The ‘M’ range is designed with one objective in mind: to present a range of speakers appealing to those who desire the qualities of a traditionally voiced British speaker, which draw the musicians into the room and allow the listener to engage with music again.”

Both speakers will be available in December 2022. So, if you are waiting to see and hear these speakers from Falcon Acoustics by yourself, you have to wait a little bit.

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