Focal Theva: Entry-level Loudspeakers for HiFi Lovers

Focal Theva N°1

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The French high-end loudspeaker maker has a brand new range of speakers, the Focal Theva. All the speakers that are in the lineup are for the people that are just taking their first steps into the world of high-end HiFi. But what is so great about the speakers?

Well, the press release from Focal explained it in the best possible manner. That is, the Theva range has the perfect mixture of elegant design and HiFi sound that comes at an “affordable” price point.

Now, if it is your first time hearing about Focal, the brand is known for making outstanding hand-built loudspeakers

Focal Theva N°2
Theva N°2; Source: Focal

All the manufacturing processes occur at the St Etienne factory in France. And with the Focal Theva range, the brand has just developed a six-model lineup that will make it easier for people to transition to the HiFi world.

At the core, Focal has one big philosophy, to elevate its speakers through design and sound. And the Focal Theva sticks very close to that. 

These speakers are available in light wood and dark wood finishes. And the design is so good that you can make the speakers function like furniture if you want to. The light or dark wood effects are also available for the side panel of the Focal Theva speakers. 

Focal Theva N°3
Theva N°3; Source: Focal

According to Focal, the range will look right home when combined with a classic and modern interior. 

Theva will also blend well with concrete, stone, and metal materials. On that note, the cabinets of Focal Theva are very compact. 

On the other hand, the additional front panels of the speakers provide additional strength while adding a touch of elegance to the overall outlook.

Focal Theva N°3 D
Theva N°3 D; Source: Focal

The vent of the Theva speakers has the perfect positioning. They are on the rear of the speakers, which makes sure that rear does not distract from the front panels’ simplicity. Wondering what speakers are in the lineup? 

The series includes the Theva N°1 bookshelf loudspeaker, Theva N°2 three-way floor-standing model, Theva N°3-D, and Theva N°3 with a timeless design. Theva N°3-D features an upward-firing speaker, which allows the Dolby Atmos sound.

Finally, the range has the Theva Center speaker and Theva Surround. The Center speaker would be a perfect pick for getting crips and clear film dialogue.

Focal Theva Surround
Theva Surround; Source: Focal

On the contrary, the Theva Surround would be great for spatial audio. Want to know when the Focal Theva lineup will debut? 

The brand plans to unveil the entire range at Audio Expo North America (Axpona). That event is about to take place in Schaumburg, starting from the 14th to the 16th of April, 2023.

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