Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary Loudspeakers: Only 500 Pairs Available Now!

Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary Loudspeakers

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Triangle has just turned 40 and it goes without saying that there is no better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary than releasing limited-edition speakers. 

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That is exactly what the brand did. Meet the new Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary, which comprises Quatuor 40th, Cello 40th, Duetto 40th, and Voce 40th.

Among all these, the first two are floor-standing speakers, while the Duetto 40th is a bookshelf speaker, and the Voce 40th is a center speaker. 

Source: Triangle HiFI

But that is not all, the lineup now has two new speaker stands, the S08-C and S08. These two new stands will compliment the new 40th Anniversary lineup.

According to Triangle, the new speakers are designed from the ground up. And they boast some of the new audio innovations of the company. But that is on the interior side. 

There has been a retouch on the exterior as well. The new speakers will come with multiple coats of lacquer, which will be available in Shadow Zebrano, Golden Oak, and Space Black color options.

Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary Loudspeakers
Source: Triangle HiFi

Furthermore, Triangle has carefully selected the wood for the new speakers. The brand has also taken its time to assemble the speakers according to the grain of the selected wood.

So, what about the new audio innovations? For the 40th-anniversary range, Triangle decided to introduce the world with their new magnesium alloy dome. According to the brand, this dome will provide a better transition to the midrange driver. 

The brand has also spent several years researching and developing the new design of the TZ2900 tweeter. And this tweeter combines the patented horn tweeter technology. So, you can guess how much work the brand has put into it.

Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary Loudspeakers
Source: Triangle HiFi

The cooling system of the Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary speakers is also proprietary. This proprietary colling system goes by the name LHS 2. It is basically a heat sink consisting of a heat transmission ring that covers the back of the motor. 

And it allows optimal heat transmission to the driver’s external structure. Eventually, the power handling capability of the transducer gets a significant upgrade. For the crossover, Triangle has collaborated with SCR Audio. 

The French company, SCR Audio, helped to develop the capacitors, which only utilize large section air core coils. The bass and treble/midrange boards are physically separated for better overall performance.

Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary Loudspeakers
Source: Triangle HiFi

On the other hand, for the wiring, the brand has partnered with Audioquest. The  Magellan 40th Anniversary range has a carefully balanced blend of high-purity perfect surface copper and long-grain copper.

Finally, the S08 and S08-C speaker stands to incorporate a locking system, which will ensure that the speakers stay securely in place. 

They are of thick aluminum extrusion and are highly capable of reducing reflections and absorbing unwanted vibrations. And as the news states, there will be only 500 pairs of these limited-edition speakers out there.

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