Forget About Siri And Alexa, It’s Time to Welcome ‘Hey Sonos!’

Forget About Siri And Alexa, It's Time to Welcome 'Hey Sonos!'

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Forget about Google Assistant or Alexa because Sonos is getting ready to unveil its speech assistant in the coming weeks. Customers will be able to manage music on the company’s home audio platform using this feature.

According to a recent report, Sonos is building its voice assistant for a launch in the United States in less than four weeks. Customers will be able to play and manage audio on the Sonos multi-room audio system using the wake-up word “Hey Sonos,” which will be used by Sonos.

Sonos personal assistant will be “part of an upcoming software upgrade expected to arrive first to consumers in the US on June 1st, with a worldwide rollout to follow,” as The Verge originally reported.

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Forget About Siri And Alexa, It's Time to Welcome 'Hey Sonos!'
Image Credit: Jumpstory

Disappointed with a legal triumph over Google in January, Apple is said to be working on its first pair of wireless earphones and a new television operating system. 

Sonos appears to be building a rival to Alexa and Google Assistant, with a spectacular stance as the class-leading producer of smart speakers, soundbars, and automotive audio systems in 2022. 

However, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can also manage Sonos speakers. Customers will have yet another option with a proprietary voice assistant.

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Forget About Siri And Alexa, It's Time to Welcome 'Hey Sonos!'
Image Credit: Sonos

The corporation will not record audio user directions or process them in the cloud. Everything will happen on the gadget, which will be woken up, as mentioned earlier, by the phrase “Hey Sonos.”

Currently, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are supported by Sonos products such as Bluetooth speakers and soundbars. It’s now said that it wants to include its own voice assistant in its devices.

The Verge said that “all Sonos gadgets that run the company’s S2 software will enable Sonos Voice Control.”

The magazine cited a job advertisement on Snagajob and Jobilize for a software test analyst who will work on the “Voice Experience” team and “create, build, and grow Sonos Voice Experience automated test infrastructure” to its anonymous sources.

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Forget About Siri And Alexa, It's Time to Welcome 'Hey Sonos!'
Image Credit: Jumpstory

“We develop the future of speech interaction for audio content in the Sonos Voice Experience team,” the listing claims. 

“Our goal is to make voice engagements completely private, more intimate, and more natural. The Voice Quality Assurance team will have a long-term effect on the performance and standards of the Music Experience that we give to our millions of customers across the world.”

According to The Verge, Sonos’ speech assistant will allow you to order your speaker “to play certain artists, songs, or playlists via voice commands, among many other things.” 

According to The Verge, the voice assistant will be compatible with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, and Sonos Radio at first. However, Spotify and YouTube Music are not yet partners.

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