12 Best Gadgets for Men – Tech Gift Ideas

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Tech Gifts for the man in your life.

Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Gadgets for men? Of course, they don’t have to just be for men but we know that’s what people are googling right now – searching for the perfect gift for their man and knowing it’s gadgets they want but not really knowing where to start.

Before you know it, Christmas will be here and you’ll be trying to figure our what to buy your special other. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re a man reading this gadget list and something appeals to you, send it to your loved ones with the word ‘hint‘ in the subject line followed by the numbered item you want – totally subtle, trust us, they’ll think it was their idea, really…

Gadgets for men - Man standing with VR gadget googles on
We don’t have VR Goggle on the list. But look at him, isn’t he having so much fun. And that shirt. Awww

Choosing gadget gifts for men can be hard because they typically love doing their own research and buying (regardless of any agreed household budgets). A warning is that this list also includes at least two women you might inadvertently bring in to your relationship, one named Alexa and one named Siri.

Overall you can trust us, we know what we’re doing. If the man your buying for doesn’t already have something that does we’ve listed, then we believe it will be meet with a high level of success. It is all about giving they say, and the good news is some of these gifts give back, even though they suck (that’s a cryptic clue to one of the gifts – try that on him when you’ve wrapped it ?).

So, without any further ado, let’s get gifting. These gift ideas should help you budget…not that he does…

We’ll start with a cracking little gift that he may not have even thought of…

1: echo Auto

echo Auto with Alexa
The echo auto puts another woman in the car with you.

This portable personal assistant is fresh off the assembly line from Amazon having only been released in the last couple of months. What does it do? Well, if you own an Alexa at home it’s just like that, but in your car. She really gets around.

With Alexa in your car, it’s smarter. She takes up very little room and only speaks when spoken to which makes us uncomfortable. I’m trying to get her to teach my children how to do that, so far no luck.

Alexa connects to your car stereo via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable (included) which allows you to say things like ‘Alexa, get directions Home’ or ‘Alexa, what’s the weather forecast’ or ‘Alexa, add milk to my shopping list’. One of the coolest things is the radio.com or TuneIn skills which let you play music from anywhere in the world, in your car.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

It’s affordable, adorable and makes your car trips way more fun. Jokes, music, directions, phone calls plus the perfect companion to ask the answers to trivia (prove you’re right) when there are disagreements on the next road trip.

He’ll likely never see this gift coming. NB: Don’t buy it if his car already has Alexa built-in – you wouldn’t want them fighting in the car and it’s so hard to tell twins apart.

Cruise in and read more reviews on the echo Auto

2: Apple Watch Series 6 Smartwatch


The Apple Watch is clearly the best smartwatch on the market to date and even though there are new things coming, this year the version 6 is still winning. The good news, if you’re on a budget, is that the 4th version and 5th version of this watch are still equally awesome and a lot cheaper. They might be a little older and slower (aren’t we all…), but they are definitely more affordable and still get the job done.

Apple Watch 5

The Apple Watch can keep you organised, show your heart rate, measure your blood oxygen levels and even tell you when you’re being lazy. It’ll make you (him) look like a Silicon Valley tech god. It also makes for an excellent light to find the keyhole on the front door when returning home intoxicated after a big happy hour at Taco Bell.

With Siri available on the Apple Watch it brings a second woman into the mix, one that follows you everywhere. Good news is she tends to ignore Alexa so there shouldn’t be any fights you need to break up between the two.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

It’s like having all the gadgets crammed into something the size of a box of sultanas on your wrist. What’s not to love? If you choose to buy a GPS+Cellular model you can connect it to a data plan so you get Siri, phone calls and text messages on the go. No need for a phone and he might not be stuck to it next time you’re out on date night!

It’s one of the best running watches with music (offline music) and is designed to keep you fit and active, you can even track your swimming in it.

The ECG (or EKG) heart rate monitor and Blood OX monitoring will also help you know if the man you’re buying it for is about to tip off the deep end. #insurance #justkidding

Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

3: Bose 700 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Yes, we already have a pair of earphones on this list but you don’t understand – you can never have too many headphones.

Previously the Bose QC 35 ii owned this Christmas gift spot but has since been updated with the Bose 700. I know you don’t want to get him something old (actually the Bose QC35 ii are still amazing so get them if you want – I totally support that decision) so we’ve update this to the Bose 700.

These headphones are noise-cancelling which is a code word for ‘Shuts out the cries of screaming children on planes’ or ‘excludes annoying workmate banter in open plan office space’.

These headphones are a little on the more expensive side but they are amazing. They sound good, are great quality and have a huge amount of ‘I’ve succeeded in life’ stigma attached to them. Who doesn’t want that?

If the man you’re buying for is younger and too cool for school then these recently released Sony noise-cancelling headphones (WH1000XM4) might be a better choice.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

If you are only going to own one set of headphones in life, which is ridiculous but, whatever – these are them. Wireless, good sound and the build quality is really good. The battery life is astonishing and has lasted for flights over 17 hours for us with room to spare.

We know there seems to be a theme here but the other woman comes with these too. Alexa is built-in to these headphones so even when Pearl Jam is playing at full volume he will still have her close.

Sound good? Read more reviews of the Bose 700 Headphones

4: Tile Slim


If you have a man who likes gadgets then he has a lot of gadgets to lose. The Tile Slim is the newest model of tracking devices from Tile. Some of you are already thinking you might buy this for yourself so you can track the men in your life and where they are but that’s not what this is designed for (sneaky idea though, just slip it in his backpack before he leaves for work…).

This thing is slim, that’s why they called it the Tile Slim… It’s small enough to fit in wallets, so if you don’t care where he is but want to track where the money is, that works too.

He could put this on the front of his laptop, in his work bag, passport case, with important documents or even in his coat pocket so he can find where he left that. Maybe even the children?

Personally we’ve owned 4 tiles over the years and they are surprisingly accurate at helping us find things.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

This one is personal right now. We put an expensive small black headphone case somewhere in the house, or car, or office and we can’t find it. To be able to slip this slimline device into anything and then use your phone to track and find it later, after you lose it? Awesome.

Still feeling a bit lost? Read more reviews.

5: Apple Airpods Pro


Things just got a little more expensive but the good news is there is the current, fancy Airpods Pro model that is still the current model (which is what he probably wants because it’s fancy and he’ll be so cutting edge with white things in his ears) OR there is the older, but also very cool Apple Airpods model which is still an amazing set of earphones.

These are still the number one true wireless earbuds for Apple and Android smartphone owners. You can see them go head to head with the Sony WF-1000xm3 if you doubt us.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

Because they are awesome? They fit well and work brilliantly. You can use them at the gym, for work conference calls, for phones calls – especially when you want to look like a muppet wandering around talking to yourself.

They are light, comfy and the audio quality is great, best on the Pro model. The active noise cancelling on these is incredible.

In terms of OMFG present reactions, the AirPod Pro or Airpods will garner a sloppy kiss and bear hug for sure. We own the Airpods and looove them. One of our best purchases of 2020.

Don't tune me out. Read more reviews.

6: echo Dot (4th Gen)


She’s back again already in this list and you have to admit, she does look like a Christmas decoration in this 4th Generation model which is new for 2020/21. Open your house to another woman and discover how amazing it can be…wait…what!?

We’ve connected Alexa to our Abode Security System, our Smart Home Solution, and she makes the world of difference to our household. She can do all sorts of things.

Sending orders to this virtual digital assistant becomes oddly enjoyable and surprisingly helpful. ‘Alexa, add Flour to the shopping list’ – ‘Alexa, announce dinner is ready’ – ‘Alexa, ask Mike to do the vacuuming’. The opportunities are limitless!

Why buy this gadget for your man?

One of the coolest reasons to buy the echo dot is that Alexa connects to so many other gadgets and devices. Smart lights, garage doors, switches, thermostats and more.

She is also incredibly handy at setting alarms, timers, reminders, doing conversions (g/kg/oz/ml etc.) when in the kitchen, adding things to the shopping list, playing music and letting you know the weather forecast.

You don’t need to pay for a subscription. It’s just the cost of the Alexa Echo Dot and your done. He’ll (and you’ll) love her. See? It doesn’t have to be weird having another woman in the house after all.

Alexa, show me more reviews.

7: No products found.

No products found.

Raise your hands if you like vacuuming….higher….nope. Can’t see any hands. This gadget is cool on so many levels. Imagine all that clean up you have to do after entertaining? Why bother – the eufy will do it. In fact, you can tell Alexa to vacuum and Alexa will tell eufy to do it (We told you Alexa was helpful).

Robot vacuum cleaners are hypnotic. As soon as you start using them you can’t help but sit and watch them go around the house – you’ll spend the same amount of time for vacuuming just watching the vacuuming. Also, don’t be surprised if you have an overwhelming desire to name your vacuum cleaner and describe it as a verb, like ‘I’m going to eufy the lounge’…

Why buy this gadget for your man?

Not generalising here (yes we are, but it’s true in 2 out of 3 households we polled in the office today) but it’s often men who end up wielding the vacuum cleaner in the house. If he isn’t, make him. Although buying this kind of makes the chore obsolete…

You won’t know how helpful it is having a robot vacuum cleaner until that first day you come home and the vacuuming has been done while you were out. O.M.G. it’s a miracle.

No products found.

8: Motorola T100TP Walkie Talkies


The gadget gift that he might never buy for himself but secretly really wants to. It’s the gift he’s just not sure he’ll use but he imagines giving his buddy across the road one so they can talk after bedtime – sssh secret squirrel. When he was young he imagined being a policeman with a radio on his hip but he chose to be an accountant and his dreams have shrivelled like a prune in the Atacama desert. Time to bring it back!

Why buy this gadget for your man?

Walkie Talkies are the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. Hiking, camping, skiing or orienteering (which we really think is a dying art). With a walkie talkie, you can relive all the good times you had as a child. If you have kids, even better as they can do it together.

Roger that. Read more at amazon.

9: Sonos One SL Speaker


It’s finally time to get him to relive the special moment like John Cusack in the final scenes of Say Anything playing ‘In Your Eyes’. A portable speaker with no microphone built-in (old skool) so for once you get to leave Alexa out of it. ? Boom. Failing a romantic movie scene, you can at least play music in any room of the house.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

Sonos makes great sounding speakers designed to be moved around your house and used in any room as required. It’s wireless so you can take it out on the patio, move it from kitchen to bedroom or have him stand outside on the street holding it over his head at a completely inappropriate time of the evening.

You control it with the app on your phone, using Apple Airplay 2 or go old school with the actual buttons on the unit. It’s even resistant to humidity so you can also use it in the bathroom… ??

Don't trust John Cusack though - more reviews here.

10: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K


She’s baaack. Alexa is all over this list like burger grease on a remote control. It’s only because gadgets love her. But, we digress…

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is simple to use – you plug it in the USB port on the back of your TV and it makes it super awesome. Immediately you get access to Amazon services like Amazon TV, Music and thousands of other channels and apps. With the eufy robot vacuum cleaner doing the chores there is little reason to ever leave the couch.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

This Fire TV is serious bang for your buck. It gives you access to more content than golf balls at the local Club. It’s super easy to install and use plus, it’s very affordable. You can access Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube and more. Most importantly it’s just been announced that the new Disney Plus channel will be available on the Fire TV. Quality? It’s full 4K HD streaming quality which is as good as it gets right now.

You’ve probably always wanted to give him a stick, right?

Read more reviews

11: Rosewill Compressed Gas Duster


It sounds like a joke, right? A can of compressed gas. Payback ?. It makes a brilliant stocking stuffer (or main gift). All those new gadgets he has do get dirty and dusty so a can of compressed gas blasts away all the ‘fluff and stuff’. Boring gift? Not for him. Trust us.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

It’s affordable and surprisingly helpful. You can use it on keyboards, amps, TVs, laptops and even places like the car dashboards. One push on the button and pffffft goes the weasel.

It'll blow you away. Check the reviews here.

12: Wyze Indoor Camera


The Wyze camera is a 1080p (HD Quality) indoor wireless camera. Perfect for watching out for things around the house. It’s very popular for use as a baby camera, a camera in the house to keep an eye on your pets during the day or a security camera, especially when he gets in to steal more cookies from the cookie jar.

He can even point it at the TV, leave it playing the football and watch it on his phone from work…terrible idea.

It’s still the number one bestselling home WiFi security camera on Amazon.

Why buy this gadget for your man?

The Wyze indoor camera is probably the most affordable bestselling camera available. It’s super simple to set up and ridiculously feature-packed with two-way audio, person identification and full audio and video recording.

And, how could we end without including another gadget that is controlled by Alexa?‍ Works with Alexa Show too so you can say ‘Alexa, show me the baby room’.

Worth a look? More reviews here.

That’s it! Our 12 gift ideas of gadgets for men. We could keep going but there are only 12 we think will get the reaction you want.

If you have any questions or want specific recommendations just comment below and we’d be happy to provide a free, personalised gadget gift guide buying recommendation.

Apple Airpods Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Photo
Apple Airpods Pro
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Value for money
OMG Factor

Endless hours of experimentation, professional work, and personal investment in Home Theatre, Hi-Fi, Smart Home Automation and Headphones have come to this.

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