Genesis G7 Series: Entry-Level Floor-Standing Loudspeakers Launched

Genesis G7 Series Loudspeakers

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The Genesis G7 Series is the latest loudspeaker in the portfolio of Genesis Advanced Technologies. Essentially, it is an entry-level lineup of passive floor-standing loudspeakers. 

But even though the price point of the units is lower than the others, the models do not disappoint in terms of performance.

After all, Genesis is known for enormous-sized loudspeaker systems that come with enhanced features. Take Genesis Prime+, for example. However, the new entry-level options will not come with all the advanced tech you find in the Genesis Prime+.

Genesis G7 Series Loudspeakers
Source: Genesis Loudspeakers; Genesis Quartet

Instead, it will have trickled-down options but will come with some design features of the larger units. If you recall, the original Genesis G7 Series started as bookshelf speakers. Launched in 2005, the G7c was a convertible speaker designed by Arnie Nudell.

The G7p followed the footsteps of the G7c, which was designed by Gary Leonard Koh. Later in 2010, Genesis launched the floor-standing G7f, sporting an active side-firing woofer. And the speaker had a great run.

To be exact, it won Best of Innovations for Home Theater speakers in 2010 at International CES. The line was later retired, but Genesis planned to re-launch it in 2020.

Genesis G7 Series Loudspeakers
Source: Genesis Loudspeakers; Genesis Forté

According to the Chief Designer and CEO at Genesis Advanced Technologies, “I design to deliver music.” Gary Leonand Koh continues, “I want to listen to the music, not the gear, and that is what I mean by ‘transparency.’”

Gary further says that the equipment gets out of the way, and the musicians appear miraculously in front when users listen to his designs. 

He also emphasizes the consistency of the musical performance, from the entry-level 7s to the high-end Prime+.

Genesis G7 Series Loudspeakers
Source: Genesis Loudspeakers; Genesis Tribute

The Vice President and COO, Carolyn Koh, says, “I’m a pianist, and when Gary asked what would be ‘good enough’ for me, I said that it would be for them to be able to reproduce a superlative recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and you know what? He did it.”

Getting back to the Genesis G7 Series, the range is affordable in terms of price, but it does not use cheaper components. 

Instead, Genesis says that the range utilizes the same proprietary parts as the high-end options. That means you will find the same capacitors, tweeters, and other high-end parts in the new Genesis G7 Series.

Genesis G7 Series Loudspeakers
Source: Genesis Loudspeakers; Genesis Prime

The R&D prototypes of the Genesis G7 Series are currently being showcased with Heed Electronics, which is represented by Profundo Audio. 

The showcase started on June 23rd and went on for two days in Seattle. The event took place at the DoubleTree Hilton during the Pacific Audio Fest.

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