Shure Brings Back the Classic SE846, and it Can Turn Wireless When You Want it to!

Shure Brings Back the Classic SE846

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The SE846 in-ear wired earphones have been along for a prolonged amount of time. To be exact, it came out ten years ago! And there is no better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary other than launching the second generation of the highly-rated IEMs (In Ear Monitors). 

New Release
Shure SE846 Wired Sound Isolating Earphones (Gen 2)

With the addition of a new filter, the new SE846 (Gen 2) offers 4 different sound signatures that offer a more expansive listening experience than the original SE846.

So, what does the second generation improve on? Shure did not go back to the drawing board and crafted the 2nd Gen from the ground up. Instead, the brand kept the originality of the 1st Gen and made some tweaks. 

There are new colors available for the SE846 – Jade, and Graphite. The OG Clear version has seen an upgrade on the 2nd generation. It now shows the inner circuitry of the IEMs.

Shure Brings Back the Classic SE846
Source: Shure

When it comes to the overall design, the 2nd Gen is pretty similar to the 1st generation. In other words, it has the same four-driver setup. 

However, that is not a bad thing! The originals blew away many reviewers with this setup, and these drivers are more capable than most of the IEMs that are out there.

Other than that, the new IEMs have what Shure calls a” new extended sound signature.” The pair gets it from the new filter that the brand has integrated into the IEMs. In comparison, the originals came with three swappable filters

Shure Brings Back the Classic SE846
Source: Shure

But due to popular demand, the brand has added a fourth one. Apart from that, the users of the 1st Gen have also been requesting a greater extension of high frequencies. 

And Shure listened! The new filter provides “a more targeted contour in the frequency response  (4kHz – 12kHz)”, and the filter is designed to “increase image clarity” and “add a desirable ‘Airy’ quality to the audio.”

Shure Brings Back the Classic SE846
Source: Shure

The new SE846 comes with the Extender filter fitted as standard. The Warm, Bright, and Balanced filters are in the accessory department of the box. Along with those filters, you will find multiple tip options, which will enable you to get the most secure fit.

That said, the cable 3.5 mm cable of the Shure SE846 2nd Gen is detachable. The buds have MMCX connectors, so you can easily transform them with wireless in-ear earphones.

The brand offers True Wireless Adapters for that conversion. However, that is an optional accessory you will need to get separately.

The True Wireless Adapters totally convert the earphones into TWS buds. They will add two arms to the buds, which will wrap around the back of your ear. These arms will have the wireless tech needed to make the connection. 

They will also have the battery to power all things. With the charging case, you will get around 32 hours of playback time. The adapters will offer around eight hours, while the case provides 24 hours. Also, the adapters support aptX, so the audio quality will be crisp!

Shure SE846 Pro Gen 2 Wired Earbuds with Secure Fit, Hi-Def 4 Drivers, Upgraded Sound Filters, Durable Quality - For Professional Sound
Shure SE846 (Gen 2)

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